And this is why I don’t care if my name is in the No Fly list.

Simply I refuse to travel by air and endure this crap:


Security line at Chicago Midway. Just looking at the video and my back screamed bloody murder.  Three hours worth of waiting for security? I can drive to Orlando (at speed limit) in that time. Hell, Miami to Nashville is 13 hours behind the wheel and it would be faster than going to the airport, wait in line for TSA, miss the frigging flight alongside thousands of others, and having too be rebooked for another flight probably the next day.

And you know some terrorist idiot has to be thinking “All them Infidels bunched up together? Need to call the seamstress and get me a new sparkly vest.”

This is hanging fresh bait over a shark tank. And when it happens, the Government will act all surprised it did and promise to extend the check points to the airport’s parking lot.



6 Replies to “And this is why I don’t care if my name is in the No Fly list.”

  1. Bunched-up targets are great for terrorists. At a former job (at a large defense contractor), whenever there was a fire drill or bomb threat, the outdoor marshaling areas were easily seen and accessible — a terrorist would have had their pick of which group of 100s of folks to hit.

  2. While I refuse to apply for Pre-Crime…uh I mean Pre Check, I do have status which allows me to bypass those long lines. I have never allowed them to run me through the naked body scanners. Never. Instead I always opt out and force them to pat me down. They hate that. They have a couple of ways to retaliate against people who do opt out. One is to ask you to stand next to the x-ray machines to give you the dose you didn’t want to begin with. The other is to make you wait for 15 minutes or so while all of your baggage just sits on the x-ray belt which is easy pickings for the thieves. This is nothing but conditioning for the police state.

  3. Airport parking lot?

    Great. That means the terrorists can use a vehicle bomb next time? I suppose our benevolent rulers would use that as an excuse to move the security boundary farther out, perhaps to the city streets itself. Random searches “for your own safety.” “We are protecting YOU.”

    And too many will applaud it.

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