Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was at the forefront of driving Amazon HQ2 out of New York City.

Here is what is so Amazing about this.  Amazon HQ2 was slated to be built in Long Island City, which is part of the NY-12 Congressional District, which is adjacent to Ocasio-Cortez’s own NY-14.  Her very own constituents would have be able to walk to jobs at Amazon HQ2.

But it’s a good thing that she stopped her unemployed constituents from being exploited.

When the news of the HQ2 pullout went public, there were some people in the area that were less than pleased and couldn’t figure out what some politicians had against HQ2.

This guy is right, it’s am embarrassment.  But that is socialism for you, it’s better to have a vacant lot that gets used for overflow truck parking than to create thousands of working and middle class jobs if it means a billionaire makes more money.

Can you imagine being the pizza shop owner who was thinking about placing an order for new ovens and mixers hoping to be the lunch spot for 25,000 new Amazon workers?  Now his champion AOC just kicked his legs out from under him.

You’d think that next time all of these people would remember the thousands of jobs lost and pull the lever for the Republican challenger, but they won’t.

Remember this quote:

“The trouble with socialism is that you can vote your way into it, but you have to shoot your way out of it.”

Well, these people voted in socialism.

Because of New York City’s gun laws, they won’t be able to shoot their way out.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “And this is why New York City has such strict gun laws”
  1. Overall I agree, but the supposed $3 billion (with a “b”) in tax breaks that would have gone to Amazon is a form of socialism itself, IMO. Over time, though, it probably would have brought in more $$$ than the breaks cost.

    1. It was essentially a 10% discount on their taxes. NY was expecting to make $30B over 10 years from Amazon moving there and offered them a 10% discount to get the remaining $27B. Now they don’t “lose” the $3B but they don’t get the $27B either.

      Meanwhile She Guevara and her friends seem to think that NY was going to PAY them $3B out of the treasury. Nope. They were just not going to take the full regular tax rate.

  2. There it is. That is the advertising hook that will make AOC a one term Congresscritter.

    Her district was directly impacted by her inability to think about the consequences of her actions. (Well, that is not terribly unusual for leftists). She was so wrapped up in ensuring that a Billionaire did not benefit in any way from the taxpayer that she ignored the possibility that Amazon would decide to set up shop elsewhere.

    Progressives do this all the time. Raise the corporate tax, then they are amazed that corporations move out of state/country. Raise taxes on the rich, and the NYC elite move to Florida, and they are upset about it and blame Trump. Fight against coal, and they are surprised that they lose in coal producing states.

    And, I hope that this woman gets schooled. The Dems should challenge her in a primary, and run on “Her adamant stance that Amazon should not get a single penny of taxpayer funds cost you thousands of good paying jobs.” That will resonate in a mixed blue/white collar neighborhood like Queens. That will cost her a measurable number of votes.

    Besides, didn’t she make all kinds of noise about how important it was to have primary challengers because the incumbents are not doing what they should for their districts? Kettle, meet pot.

    1. “…this woman gets schooled”? She’s been schooled already, at an alleged university no less. It isn’t clear if she’s capable of absorbing schooling. It may be that “all” that is needed is for her to be schooled by schools that are not socialist indoctrination shops. But where would she find one, and what would cause her to want to seek out such a place? I suppose she could sign up for remedial classes at Hillsdale College, if she really wants to learn… 🙂

  3. The sheepple of NYC are pissed at AOC? Good.

    About freaking time they realized how moronic it was to let that horse-faced commie runt become their representative, on top of keeping that dbag Cuomo as governor.

  4. Be interesting to know in addition to amazons 25k jobs, how many other jobs would have been supported by those 25k new jobs. Like the pizza shop instead of getting new ovens he gets another BIGGER building and opens TWO pizza shops. Gotta luv dems hey?

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