Anderson Cooper is Unserious

Anderson Cooper decided to tackle the issue of 3D printed guns on his show.

Who did he decide to interview?  An engineer with experience in 3D printing?  A gun designer?  An expert on firearms laws?  All of the above?

Fuck no!!!  CNN turned to David Hogg.  A tyrannical little activist shit who finished high school and didn’t get accepted into a single college he applied to.

Right off the bat everything about this topic was tainted.

“Trump’s State Department settled” is how you know it’s unserious.  The State Department had a choice, settle quietly or get their asses handed to them by a judge over 1st Amendment grounds.

Obama’s state department was heavy handed with ITAR.  I know ITAR.  It is designed to keep weapons technology out of the hands of enemy nations.  However, there is a balance to it.  The government could (and had) go after you for making a YouTube video of milling your own 80% lower into a receiver or a how-to on installing a drop in target trigger into your AR.  But those cases have been determined not to be ITAR violations.

So the settlement by the State Department with Wilson, rather than get get crushed in court, was a good call.  Cooper presents it like “Trump just gave away the farm on untraceable guns.”

Then he goes to David Hogg.  Why?  Because he was a victim of gun violence.  He has no knowledge or qualifications about this.  Cruz didn’t use a homemade gun in the massacre.  But Hogg attended a school where a shooting happened and now he’s an expert on all things gun related.

In the first minute of his interview he proves that not be the case.  He jumps into the “the NRA makes money off gun sales (no it doesn’t) and how will the NRA make money off homemade guns” bullshit.

Of course, this will not impact gun sales at all.  Nobody is going to replace their collection with single shot plastic zip-guns.  I suspect a lot of ranges will ban these for the same reason they ban reloads – the potential for explosion and injury.  For those who only print a receiver, guess who makes the uppers, barrels, bolt groups, and other parts necessary to make the rest of the gun?  Gun companies.  This whole argument isn’t just stupid, it’s fucking stupid.

Then he dives right into the “the NRA gave Trump $30 million of Russian money.”  More horseshit.

This whole interview was filled with garbage, lies, and bullshit.

I hate this ghost gun bullshit.  Criminals have been filing off serial numbers since serial numbers have been in existence.  Any criminal who wants an untraceable gun isn’t going to buy or use a 3D printer to make a ghost gun.  He’s going to get a gun off the street or through a straw purchase or just steal it, and attack the serial number with a Dremel.  It’s a lot easier and cheaper and, unlike what you see on CSI, hard as shit to trace.

I can’t believe that Anderson Cooper did this interview seriously.

I have to believe that this is really a performance art piece titled “How to destroy the last of your credibility worse than Jim Acosta’s antics.”

It’s the only way this makes any sense.

9 Replies to “Anderson Cooper is Unserious”

  1. I suppose he didn’t mention that one of DeBlasio’s people had a gun with a filed off serial number in his car (and some fired cases on the floor) but nothing happened to that guy. No, of course not.

  2. “Then he goes to David Hogg. Why? Because he was a victim of gun violence.”
    No. A VICTIM is someone who was injured or killed or mugged or robbed or the direct recipient of violence or involved in an accident, he was none of those.
    He was a BYSTANDER.

  3. J.,

    Can you explain to me why any criminal would remove the serial number from a gun unless 1) he bought it legally before he embarked on his life of crime (highly unlikely) or 2) he got it from someone related to him who bought it legally and would turn on him (more possible, particularly with straw purchases). Otherwise, if he stole it himself or bought it off the street, there is no trail to him or anyone he knows who might be identified by a trace and thus would just be gratuitous. This whole idea that a serial number trace is going to identify every criminal and any gun without a serial number has some magic powers is just ludicrous. In addition, unless someone does an very thorough job of removing the serial number, it can often be recovered in the lab. BTW, I don’t mean to be sexist and everywhere I said he/him, feel free to insert she/her or other pronouns I’m not yet aware of.

    1. Filing off serial numbers was common in Chicago because of the way gun sales are recorded in Illinois. A gang gets a girlfriend or member’s brother or someone without a record to buy guns legally as a straw man for the gang. If that gun is recovered, the straw purchaser can be identified, so gangs destroy serial numbers to protect their sources for illegal guns.

      Also, I’ve recovered serial numbers. No it’s not easy, not at all like CSI.

    2. Yep, straw purchaser covering his butt is about the only reason. Otherwise, it would make more sense to mess with the firing pin and barrel lands so forensics won’t tie you to shootings committed by previous users.

  4. I’m not sure Hogg even finished high school. Under Florida law, one is not eligible to graduate if he exceeds a threshold of missed days. Running around the country “protesting” and spouting garbage, Hogg appears to have missed too many days to graduate, which might explain why, after applying to colleges and being tentatively accepted to a few, he suddenly “decided” to put off college.

  5. “In the first minute of his interview he proves that not be the case. He jumps into the “the NRA makes money off gun sales (no it doesn’t) and how will the NRA make money off homemade guns” bullshit.”

    OK, let me delve into the loony bin that is the camera hogg’s mind. Try and tease out the logic.

    1. The NRA makes money off of gun sales.
    2. The NRA will not make any money off of home built guns.
    3. The NRA’s support for this 3D printing technology is the reason these plans are available to the average person.
    4. Which means the NRA is taking steps to stop their source of income from gun sal… … oh… wait. That can’t be correct.
    5. Russian money!

    Got it. Now, I understand.

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