MasterPiece Arms is expanding on the new model Defender series with a 9mm Luger carbine that uses Glock-pattern magazines. Called the MPA20DMG, this carbine combines a machined aluminum lower with a standard Defender upper in a carbine configuration.

The MPA20DMG is priced at $966 and that price includes a hard case and one extended Glock magazine where available. They’re currently entering production and right now MasterPiece Arms is expecting a four to five-week turnaround on orders placed today.

Source: Check out the new 9mm Defender Carbine–it uses Glock mags

Dear Gun Manufacturers: Stop thinking AR platform and start thinking M3 Grease Gun or Sten, hell even MAC 10. It has to be embarrassing that Hi Point will sell 100 of theirs for every one of the highfalutin tacticool crap.

In the age of polymers, you have no excuse not to produce a $500 retail 9mm carbine.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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24 thoughts on “Another 9mm Carbine few people will buy.”
  1. Give me a solid, reliable 9mm carbine that takes Glock 17/19 magazines for $500, and I will say “sold”. I’m a bit leery of Hi-Point, but maybe I shouldn’t be.

    1. The Hi-Point is a bit of a pig. You have to take the front sight off to clean it, so when you do clean it, you lose zero. If you don’t crank the front sight set screw down hard enough, it can come lose just shooting it. The trigger is squishy and the extractor is junk. Being blowback, it ejects fine without it, but if you are trying to clear a live round or a misfire, if can be tricky.

      The Kel-Tec is a much better value. The 2nd gen of the Sub 2000 looks nice.

      I have 2 Beretta PX4s. Those are spendy new, but a used one can go for $600-$650 on gunbroker if you watch carefully (or at least they did a few years ago) and those you can mount optics to easily. I have a Vortex Strike Fire on one and an old Bushnell Holosight on the other. Work like a charm. I used a drill bit and vice to very carefully open up the rear peep sight to make it faster. Very easy mod to make the BUIS better.

      At $1000, I could do without this. But if they brought it down to say $600 and released a version in 5.7×28 using the same mags as the Five-seveN, I’d take one. I love the 5.7 but hate the P90 and its stupid mag configuration.

      1. I’m very interested in the sub2000 II. However the damn things are as easy to find as a brick of 22LR. Good thoughts on the Beretta.

        1. Agreed re the Beretta but I think he probably meant the CX4. It also uses the 92F (or M9 if you will) magazines so one can carry both the carbine and the sidearm. Correct about finding just about ANY Kel-Tec lately ;-(

  2. I have a Hi-Point and I enjoy shooting it. But it takes proprietary 10 round mags. ProMags makes a 15 that works pretty well with a little tweaking…

  3. We need carbines that take other mags as well. Some of us would like to pair our pistol caliber carbine with our side arm, and glock just does not work for everyone. I personally would like to see one that takes sig mags (sig fits my hands better than glocks do.)

    I know I am out of this market until they make something that fits me for the right price. I bet a lot of others are as well.

    1. Have you looked at the Kel Tec Sub2k?

      Any of the non-glock models can be switched to Sig magazines.

      I know that they are hard to find, but they are out there.

      1. Yeah, the “hard to find” part is the killer. I don’t want a pistol caliber carbine that badly, and if I did I would look for a camp carbine, then have a gunsmith convert it to the magazine of choice. The amount of want to the amount of effort required does not match up at the moment.

        Call me when I can get what I want off the shelf for $500 or less 😉

        I think it is just a really hard market to cater to. Pistol caliber carbines need to be really cheep to justify them over a standard mid caliber carbine, but since there is no semi-standard mag format you have to cater to either a very limited marked slice or invest a whole bunch making you platform work with mags from every major brand. It has to be a real nightmare.

  4. Actually, at the cheap end of things stampped or cast metal will almost always be the winner.

  5. Now there is an idea: Build a basic carbine platform where the pistol grip is changeable so that you can simply swap the type of magazine it uses by swapping the relatively inexpensive pistol grip assembly.

  6. Not to be a fanboy DB, but that’s the plan with the new “gen 2” Sub2k.

    The tube is the serial numbered part now and everything else is swappable.

  7. I was at my local gun show this past weekend and spotted a 9mm carbine modeled on the .30 M1 carbine. Maker was Chiappa and according to a forum review it uses Beretta 92FS magazines.
    Looked like decent quality and price was $499.00 nib.

      1. Yeah; did a little more looking and… RFID chips in my guns??? DON’T THINK SO!!

  8. In the age of polymers, you have no excuse not to produce a $500 retail 9mm carbine.

    Well… they have one excuse:
    We can set the price wherever we want and it will still be an order of magnitude cheaper than a Colt M4 with a 9mm conversion, so people will buy it.

    You don’t have to have the least-expensive product on the market; that just raises suspicions about quality control (see: Hi-Point). Rather, you just have to be less expensive than the most-expensive product.

  9. Dear Marlin:

    Pleas resurrect your Camp series carbine rifles…there *IS* a demand for them.


  10. JRC, or Just Right Carbine, make an AR type 9mm that I have seen at gunshows and gunbroker for 650 or so, not a bad price at all, and while its not 500$ its not that much more, and yes they do make one that takes glock mags.

  11. Why Ruger doesn’t do what they always do and copy Kel-Tec (again) and come out with a re-engineered PC-9 is beyond me. Or the Marlin Camp Carbine.

    Everyone and their dog has an AR-15 in .223 at this point. If you want to sell rifles, you’re going to have to NOT sell .223 AR’s.

  12. Hi there,
    MPA20DMG is a nice gun 🙂
    It have a nice look that impressed me.
    I think its market price is good for us.
    Thanks for post about this gun.
    Mahabub Hassan.

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