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ens from They Live must be real, but what they are doing right now makes no sense to me.

Three recent examples:

Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field and Stream stopped selling Ar-15’s and destroyed their inventory.

Starbucks decided to imply its white customers are racist, call its staff racist and then re-educate them about it, and then got rid of straws so adults can suffer the indignity of drinking out of a sippy cup while drivers spill frappuccinos on their laps.

Playboy decided to get rid of the nudes, then when they realized that was a mistake, brought back the nudes with a transgender playmate.

Why would successful companies go out of their way to alienate customers and reduce sales?

Well, the office management company WeWork is becoming WeWoke in the dumbest of ways.

WeWork bans meat for employees expensing meals, at company events

If WeWork employees want a burger while on business, the money is coming out of their own pockets. The global workplace startup told employees this week that the company will ban employees from expensing meals that contain red meat, pork or poultry, Bloomberg reported.

The company won’t provide meat for events at its 400 locations, either — part of an effort to reduce its environmental footprint.

So an employer is going to force vegetarianism on its employees vie the power of the purse.

The no-meat policy will also affect self-serve food kiosks at many of WeWork’s 400 locations worldwide, according to Bloomberg.

WeWork confirmed the policy change to both news outlets. WeWork is perhaps the most well-known company to emerge offering co-working spaces to freelancers, small businesses and even employees of large companies such as Microsoft.

So not just the employees, but the customers as well.  If you want to use the refrigerated vending machine in the office that you rent to buy a sandwich, congrats, it’s gotta be vegetarian.

The Motley Fool named it one of the top five most valuable startups in America.

Yeah, let’s see how long that lasts when employees get disgruntled and customers start complaining.

Just wait until the WeWork executives figure out what the carbon footprint of dairy is and decided to force veganism on staff and customers.  Their bankruptcy will happen overnight.

I wonder what WeWoke’s investors have to say about this.  Really, that goes for any of these companies right now.

The first question that any board of trustees to group of share holders needs to ask is “will you value ‘wokeness’ more than stock value?”

Anybody who even has to pause and think about that needs to be tossed out of the top floor executive boardroom like the bad guy from the end of RoboCop.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Another company decides it wants to destroy itself”
  1. One has to remember that while woke policies are trumpeted in the headlines, reversals of same are buried on page 3 of the business section.

    Thus, one can announce a super progressive yet unworkable new policy and the happy feelz with the Left, and then quietly rescind it to go back to making money.

  2. With the lowest unemployment rate in years, not the time to alienate employees or customers.

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