Another Reason why the NFL is racing downhill at full bore

Ugly Male Cheerleader.

It will sound politically incorrect and I may be branded as hateful, but he looks like the male meth Ho’s I saw in Miami Beach offering blowjobs for $10 or the equivalent in Publix coupons.

Listen, you want to add male cheerleaders? Fine, but get eye candy for the Female and Gay audience. This says “We wanted to SJW but he was the only who applied, so there.”

And also, this proves that there is a bias against Colin Kaepernick, another NFL job that he did not get.

5 Replies to “Another Reason why the NFL is racing downhill at full bore”

  1. Pretty soon its gonna be the NTFL- National Touch Football League. The left has gone after “masculine “ sports b ecause its too manly. Can’t have manly things shown ya know.

  2. Boring. I want to see transsexual cheerleaders in the NFL. I want a sideline full of androgynous persons, dancing and smiling. I want to have no idea what sex that cheerleader was on the day of it’s birth. The NFL is tumbling, but I think they can really speed up the descent to rock bottom if they try harder.

  3. OMG, I despise the NFL and boycott their sponsors. However, this takes the cake and now my hatred is white hot. If you watch football, I judge you harshly.

  4. ‘cuz gosh darn it, there must be SCADS of folks who really really want to watch football and buy tickets, but those icky all female cheerleading squads drove them off.

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