Palestinian, Gaza and the unoccupied areas of the West Bank, are impoverished shitholes.

The governments of those regions are the corrupt Hamas and Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian schools teach nothing but fundamentalist Islam and Jew hatred.

The children read nothing but the Koran.  They have no skills that would help them get job or build a functional economy.

All they know is they are poor and miserable because the Jews took their land and oppresse them.

They are full of anger, Jew-hatred, and resentment.

Consequently, they support oppressive, corrupt political regimes that enrich themselves at the expense of the Palestinian people and attack Israel and murder Jews.

Hamas and the PA build nothing but have support because they blame Israel for the Palestinians’ problems and then attack Israel.

This is the goal of anti-racist math and Critical Race Theory.

The Left doesn’t want to teach kids useful skills.  They want to teach the kids nothing but racial hatred and resentment.  The kids grow up unable to be successful because they don’t have the skills to be successful, but know that they are not successful because the oppressors (those identified as having privilege) kept them down.

They can’t do math or comprehend reading anything edifying, but can recite CRT propaganda chapter and verse.

Consequently, they will vote for the people that claim to fight for equity, even though those are the exact people who dumbed them down and filled their heads with useless shit in the first place.

In both cases it is a way for a corrupt and evil people to create an unskilled, unthinking, resentful, permanent underclass that keeps them in power forever.

And occasionally that underclass will erupt in violence, be it Palestinians in Lod attacking their Jewish neighbors, Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli cars, Antifa roadblocks attacking motorists, or poor young black men beating up Asians and Jews, it’s the same thing.  Angry, resentful people who know nothing but hatred lashing out at those they’ve been taught are their oppressors because that have no skills and cannot succeed in life.

American cities where CRT is taught will turn into Gaza in a generation.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Another reson why Leftists love Palestinians – educational goals”
  1. ‘The Left doesn’t want to teach kids useful skills. ‘

    The Left in the US can get away with it because this country is still an attractive immigration destination for the highly skilled brainiacs of the third world. This does not stop the rot, but slows it down considerably.

    One thing I will give the USSR: they knew that without educated immigration they needed local skilled labor and invested in it. The humanity Ed was shit, but if you had talent for STEM and wanted to get into top institutes from your hovel with outdoor plumbing, there were free avenues for that.

    There were local/regional etc. olympiads, where you could be noticed and forwarded to specialized boarding schools. For those with shitty or lazy school teachers there were correspondence schools with entrance exams published in periodicals (my path out, later combined with olympiads and specialized summer camps). All of it was free for students, except for the price of the postage.

    There is a wealth of experience on how to educate ‘underprivileged’ effectively and on the cheap.

    But there needs to be an incentive for them to work devilishly hard and to strive.

    If you know that you do not need to apply yourself, if you know that you will snatch the prize from some other idiot, who buried himself in books while you enjoyed the playground, just because of your special place in the system, why bother to do any work?

    This game of musical chairs will eventually stop, either because the last chair is broken, or because there is no one who knows how to repair the violin.

  2. ‘The Left doesn’t want to teach kids useful skills. ‘

    The solution : fully stop unskilled immigration, drastically reduce skilled, gradually slowing it down to a trickle, and the Left will want local kids to learn useful skills.

    Outdoor plumbing is shit, and sitting without heat during blackouts is no fun.

  3. We have been pushing kids, who would be better served going into a trade school or into an apprentice program, into useless college degrees for years. If you think you’re one of the nomenklatura you still will need someone to fix your toilet. Hint, someone with a PhD in the philosophy of being an oppressed victim ain’t gonna get the crap moving.

  4. From my understanding, Islam teaches that following its doctrines closely will yield personal success via Allah. So when they go down the super fundamentalist route and don’t succeed, that means it’s the fault of someone else because they did everything right.
    Sound familiar?
    I see that exact same attitude here sans the religious aspect (though still treated religiously). Do everything we say is right and you’ll succeed. If you don’t succeed, it’s X’s fault for keeping you down.
    The problem is success happens to depend on more than strict doctrine. That conveniently gets left out.

  5. This goes way back.
    Teaching slaves was a major violation of the law. For a slave to know how to read and write was viewed with horror.
    This was true in the old South; it was also true in Afghanistan under the Taliban, in the case of women. And, in disguise, you can see it at work right now as you explained.

  6. This strategy is a losing proposition. Yet, it is put into place around the world, and every time it fails.

    Currently, there are people out there sufficiently educated to run the system. They know that uneducated people, taught only dogma are useful. So, they teach the majority (let’s say 75%) of the kids nothing but the party line. Yet, there is no guarantee that the remainder of the students will actually learn useful skills at all. Assume maybe 5-10% of the children in a generation will actually be educated enough to run the system.

    One generation later, you have reduced your pool of competent individuals to maybe 10% of the population. Second generation, that is maybe 2-3%. By the fourth/fifth generation, there will be nothing but idiots spewing hatred of anything different than themselves.

    Yet, no one is thinking past tomorrow.

    The left in the US today does not care about next year, they only care about cementing their position of power today. They will end up rulers of a destroyed nation, and when that happens, their entire education system will do nothing but teach it was Trump and the white supremacists that cause it.

    1. That sounds spot on, and it is thoroughly depressing….
      What to do? You guessed it.

      Si vis pacem, para bellum.

  7. “American cities where CRT is taught will turn into Gaza in a generation”

    Too late, it has already happened in many blue cities.

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