Veteran status.

In the Soviet Union, every radical who wanted to be in the party needed to serve in the Soviet Military, usually as a political officer or some other non-combat role.

It was a credential that proved loyalty.

The Democrats used to hate the military.

Now, you can’t shake a stick without hitting a Democrat who was a military officer.

What happened, especially considering how the Democrats hated nation building and the war in Iraq, where most of them served?

They realized that a term as an officer in the military, especially in a non-combat role, was a credential that they could use to buy them credibility with moderates and independents.

It allows them to say “I’m a patriot, I served my country.”

Then they bash everyone over the head with it.

“I was in the military so I know you can’t own an AR-15.”

“I was in the military so I know Trump shouldn’t have confidential paperwork.”

“I was in the military so I’m fucking special and you’re not, you groveling peon.”

Look at the track record.

Buttigieg was an accountant with the Navy.

Ted Lieu and Pam Keith were JAG officers.

But every time they have the opportunity to use their veteran status as a cudgel in an argument  they do.

Compare them to DeSantis, who never brings up his Navy service in an argument.

If I politician pulls out the “I’m a veteran” card, my immediate response is now “fuck you in parade rest.”

It’s become a negative for me because the next thing out of their mouth is how their veteran status means they are better than me and justifies taking some of my rights away.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Another Soviet trend in the Democrat Party”
  1. “I received an email with a confidential word in it. In less than 10 minutes, my office was raided, computer taken & I was escorted to a windowless room with one light bulb. I hadn’t even read the email.”
    I’ll take Things that Never Happened for $400, Alex.
    Absolute BS. Not a chance. Nope. No way.
    Not an expert on classified materials, records, or whatever, but I do know receiving an e-mail does not result in your interrogation. You may get a brief out, or some “do not release this information or else.” stuff, but you are not going to a windowless room with one light bulb. Not happening.
    This woman is a liar of the worst caliber. Makes Biden’s cornpop stories look realistic.

  2. I use to baby sit computers at a military research campus. One day one of the higher ups sent an email to another higher up. Unfortunately said higher up wasn’t paying attention and attached a paragraph to his email that was classified. It was at the lowest level of classification but still a big F’ing deal.

    A few seconds after he hit send he realized what he had done and informed all the right people.

    We shutdown the gateways, verified that the email was still in the queues. Verified that it hadn’t been backed up. Deleted the offending email and a bunch of other clean up. All carefully documented.

    We then had to have security declare that the computers in question were no longer “classified” machines. We had to have them do the same for our desktop computers as we were connected to the infected machine while it was infected.

    And then we all had to be debriefed. Even if we had never seen the classified material. We actually used special email programs to allow system admins to process emails without looking at the contents of that email.

    We learned more about the project during the debrief than we did doing the clean up. And we can’t talk about any of the contents.

    NOBODY was harassed or bothered. It is something that happens and we just deal with it.

    I agree, “Things that didn’t happen”

  3. Like you, I used to give ore credit to a veteran. No longer.

    Kerry, Blumenthal, even Crenshaw.

    I thank Dan for his service. I don not thank him for his legislative work. ed Flag laws? Really?

  4. Even assuming her experience is true (I don’t believe that for a second), there is a difference between Ms. Hood and Donald Trump. Ms Hood was an officer in the military, Trump was the president of the United States. Ms. Hood had the obligation to protect classified information or if she received classified information via a non-classified method she was obligated to notify security to investigate. Trump, as president, could declassify any document or information by his say so. Even out of office he still retained his security clearance so as long as the classified documents were properly stored it was perfectly legal for him to have the documents. Pretending that he couldn’t have access to classified information simply isn’t true.

    P.S. I got over any deference to politician’s veteran status when John McCain was part of the “Keating Five.”

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