South Florida is closer to these countries in South America than LA.

Miami has always been the United States’ gateway to South America.

Miami is every bit as rich as LA.

But these gangs aren’t hitting homes in Miami.

I guess strong policing and prosecution, as well as more gun rights and an a better established right to self defense make these gangs avoid Miami.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Another thing I noticed”
  1. I’m reminded of a report by one of the major gun rights researchers — perhaps John Lott, or Gary Kleck — where they asked the perpetrators of the crime wave targeting tourists in Florida, a few decades ago, why they were picking on tourists. The answer: “because tourists are not likely to be armed”.

  2. in Curbys utopian world if you pass a NICS check or have a ccw permit or both, you as a citizen will be treated like a cop- qualified immunity, carry EVERYWHERE, no hassle from “authorities “ no matter what area you are passing thru or live. ….. I know, I can dream can’t I?? I remember when criminals would wait outside the major airports in Florida and look for rental cars… I wonder if the fruits and nuts have fingered it out yet.. toutist burglary…. geezus what a woke touchy feely bullshiite statement THAT is…

  3. The other word for “burglary tourism” is “plundering”. You’d think armed bands of foreigners breaking into homes and taking the contents would be enough to warrant a military response.

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