Another use for Wireless Surveilance Cameras

Keeping an eye on the smoker’s temperature.

Hey, I don’t have one of them fancy Bluetooth  thermometers with Smart Phone capabilities. And since I am still have not nailed this cam down in its final location, I figured, why not?

And I do believe a new camera is cheaper than one of those Hi Tech thermometers. Something to consider.

2 Replies to “Another use for Wireless Surveilance Cameras”

  1. Buddy of mine sets up a wireless camera on the rifle range for siting in this scope. Much better than using a spotting scope as you can remotely zoom the camera he uses. (And, even if you can’t zoom your camera, you can still zoom in a bit using your smartphone…)

    It is like having your buddy stand next to the target while you are zeroing in your scope, only safer.

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