I have never heard of Joseph Sakran before.  Apparently he’s a Trauma Surgeon at Johns Hopkins and an anti-gun activist.

So what, Progressive doctors who pretend to be authorities over all matters because they have an MD next to their name, while really being partisan hacks, are a dime a dozen.

Yes, you know more than I about how to treat a gunshot wound, and you have treated a lot more than me.  But just because you deal with a lot of gunshot victims in Baltimore, who are overwhelmingly gang members and prior criminals shooting each other over drugs, doesn’t make you an expert on gun laws or crime prevention policy.

But I digress…

Dr. Sakran decided he wasn’t being paid attention to enough or something and decided to pull a Jussie Smollett, or perhaps a David Hogg.

He Tweeted this:

Then he went into a long thread about how he’s a victim and will not take this lying down, blah, blah, blah… (unrolled for easy reading)

Now for those who don’t know me, let me give you some background:

1. Son of Immigrant Parents
2. Nearly Killed at 17 after being shot in the throat
3. Inspired to become a Trauma Surgeon.
4. Have been working on #GunViolence prevention

5. Proud to partner with so many wonderful groups @bradybuzz @GiffordsCourage @ACSTrauma @ThisIsOurLane @AMarch4OurLives @MomsDemand @Everytown @NewtownAction @sandyhook @Ribbons4Jaime @GunsDownAmerica & others!

6. Currently working on Capitol Hill in Health Policy space.
The patients I’ve cared for and the families/loved ones continue to be my source of inspiration as to why I wake up and work tirelessly on this issue every morning.

My dear friends within movement (too many to mention) continue to guide me in right direction.
I’ve discussed this emotionally charged topic in a way that continues to build on the commonality that unites us as Americans.

Having spoken across the country including cities like Waco, Kansas City. I can tell you that we have more in common than we have that divides us.
Having this death threat on my car is so disturbing for many reasons but most importantly because my family and loved ones have been through so much during my near fatal injury that it’s hard to imagine putting them through anything else.
Recently we celebrated the life of #MLK. As I re-listened to some of his speeches. The one that specifically stood out was:

“I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!”
We have the opportunity and the responsibility to make communities safer for Americans.

For the person who thought they could Silence me by threatening my life, you clearly know nothing about me…..Thank You for showing me that our movement is making a difference.

What utter horseshit.

Welcome to 2020, where being the son of immigrants makes you a victim because Trump, or some shit.  Spare me.

What is important to note is one tiny detail in one of the pictures he posted:

See it?  The reflection in the windshield to the left of the picture.  That’s the attic access door from a residential garage.

Did he drive all the way home with this under his windshield wiper?

Did the nutjobs threatening him sneak into his garage and put it there?

Or did he print it out at home and put it under his windshield?

Occam’s Razor and the Principle of Parsimony suggest number three.

I guess he needed some victim credit that he wasn’t getting from being a rich doctor at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world.

You’d think a guy that smart would come up with a better hoax.

It doesn’t really matter.  Anybody who wants to believe gun rights activists are threatening doctors with death won’t question this.  Anybody who does is will be written off as a bigot and an unhinged ammosexual who needs to have his guns taken away.


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Anti-gun activist Surgeon goes full Smollette/Hogg for victim credit”
  1. From the Wikipedia page on him:

    In 2016, Sakran’s activism first achieved national recognition when he founded “Doctors for Hillary,” supporting the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who had made gun control a central tenet of her campaign. In 2018, Sakran established the Twitter account @ThisIsOurLane in response to the National Rifle Association’s comment for Physicians to “Stay in their lane” on gun policy.

  2. His story is evolving.

    He wasn’t leaving his house as he stated in his tweet, now Sakran claims that his vehicle was parked at his parents’ house over the weekend and didn’t see the paper until the 21st when he was leaving for work.

    As we all know about evolving stories, they’re fake. Next we’ll find out that the threat really didn’t happen, but it could have, so he’s morally right.

    1. “He said he took no notice of what was on the paper that morning, distracted by thoughts about his new job. But days later, as he was cleaning out his car, he took a closer look and realized what it was with a jolt, he said.”

      What a load of $hit. He didn’t notice a giant graphic? Suuuure…

    2. Let me see here, he is claiming that a piece of printer paper blocking a large part of his view, was left on his car until he got home.

      You can tell be there sun aging and the wrinkles and near tears of paper.

      At least there was no rain that weekend.

  3. “He said he took no notice of what was on the paper that morning, distracted by thoughts about his new job. But days later, as he was cleaning out his car, he took a closer look and realized what it was with a jolt, he said.”

    So the picture of it on his windshield was a ‘re-enactment’ then?

    Someone’s done enough research on him they know his parent’s address and when his car might have been there?

    Bet he’s tried to clear his browser’s search history.

  4. The picture is also really crisp and clean. Too crisp and clean to have come from most home ink jets printers on the standard crappy paper most people use… On the other hand, it could be made this crisp and clear on a color laser jet printer. Color laser jets are hella expensive and most folks would never buy one. A well-heeled surgeon, on the other hand, could both afford one and possibly even justify it as a business expense…

    Now, I’ll admit, I can’t exactly do a proper scientifically accurate analysis of it via a JPEG shared on the internet. So I’m not going to say my suspicion is the Truth… But it does add to my skepticism.

  5. I’ve worked with/for surgeons. The ones that are any good (and, even, mediocre surgeons) are really, really OCD. If they miss something, somebody (their patient) will face injury or death.

    With that lesson, how likely is it that a surgeon will NOT notice (a) the flapping piece of paper on his windshield, and/or (b) NOT notice the “threatening” graphic thereon, as he removes it and tosses it into his back seat?

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