Last year I wrote a post:

Another nutjob reminds us why we should be prepared to defend ourselves

In it, I discussed Jerry Taylor, a man who stated that he wanted to beat the brains in of people who were defending themselves from a mob with guns.

Internet loudmouth, right?


Turns out he really is a violent psycho.

On the night in question, Taylor had been up late after celebrating his son’s high school graduation. When his wife saw him drinking and using his iPad, she urged him to go to bed and threw his iPad in the trash, according to what she told a police officer who responded to the scene and wrote handwritten notes for a criminal complaint.

Taylor, 58, then allegedly pushed her onto the kitchen floor and put his hands around her neck and slapped her, the officer recorded in her notes. After she told him he shouldn’t do that, Taylor allegedly pushed her out of the house and pushed her down the front steps, injuring her, according to the complaint.

The officer, who responded at around 1 a.m., said in her police report that she observed “fresh scrape marks on her left leg and left ankle” of Taylor’s wife and that the woman also complained about pain from her right shoulder and her back. He had no visible injuries.

Two weeks after the incident, Taylor’s wife filed for divorce, claiming she had been abused.

In his divorce response, he said she had started the fight and tried to force him to leave the house. He acknowledged that he “very lightly smacked her” and claimed that “such a theatrical gesture would get her attention and wake her up to what she was doing.”

What a fucking scumbag.

No wonder he’s against women protecting themselves with guns.  It’s harder to choke a woman when she’s armed.

It really is amazing when you start to realize that the people who hate you and want to control your life do it because they are human garbage who deep down know they need to be controlled.

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By J. Kb

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