This is a follow-up to my post Antifa owns America’s streets.

This was the original video:

Antifa was able to get away with this because the Chief of Police is a fellow traveler.

This story took an unexpected turn for the positive.

The Texas Attorney General saw this on social media and decided he was not going to abide Antifa fuckery in his state.

Here is the memo:


That is a thing of beauty.  The Tx AG called the Plano Chief of Police out for being a political hack.

It will be interesting to see what action he takes against the Plano Chief of Police to make an example of him for other Lefties in public office in Texas.

He’s right in his sentiment in the last paragraph, too.  People have been fleeing the Antifa-controlled shitholes of Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland for places like Texas, and no decent Texan should watch as Texas turns into the same Antifa-controlled shithole.

Hopefully, some heads will roll and Texas will nip this shit in the bud before it gets out of hand.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Antifa f**kery in Plano gets the attention of the Tx AG”
  1. “Walker, get the Dodge.”

    Maybe we’ll finally get to see this mythical “one riot, one Ranger” thing they’re famous for.

    1. Well Texas DPS definitely has M240s in the arms room. I’d say one Ranger, properly outfitted, could certainly handle that riot.

  2. Nothing has happened in the past and I don’t think anything will happen now. Hopefully I’m wrong, but it has been going on way to long and the commies are getting bolder everyday.

  3. Kudos to the AG! The fact that we have to point out what he’s doing is part of the problem — AGs who *don’t* enforce the law.

    That police chief is disgusting, and his little speech is cringeworthy. The “recent” death of Floyd? Buddy, that’s old news, but Floyd is the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. The good chief is clearly a diversity hire.

    I moved from Plano because of the locust and hipster infestation. I live in Richardson now.

    It’s only been a day. I’m sure there are serious emotional conversations happening between council members and their donors. This was a surprise. A dismaying surprise. But it’s the one freebie they’ll get.

    Bottom line is these council members and the chief want to keep their phony-baloney jobs.

    As I posted before, this is a very, very affluent area. The median home price in Plano is $427K. In Frisco, where the march started, it’s $540K.

    Real estate taxes are the primary source of dough for the gubmint, as well as sales tax. With all the locusts, property values are rising, as are assessments. So for your half million dollar home you are probably paying 15-20K a year in tax.

    You don’t pay that kind of money to have dipshits blocking you from going to and from your home. You don’t pay that kind of money to have large black men enjoying weed in your outlet malls (Marvin Scott, in this case).

    You don’t pay that kind of money to have your police chief mollify the chronic malcontents.

    I guarantee we haven’t heard the end of this.

    1. The real question is “are those home values going up because of all the Californians moving in?”

      Because that’s what’s happening here, and local officials seem to be much more interested in pleasing the new voters than they are in keeping the old ones happy.

  5. Plano pales in comparison to what is happening in Austin. Commies parading thru the streets, Austin PD being defunded so in other words this is all for show. Clean out Austin first then go clean out Plano

  6. Does AG Paxton have the legal authority to arrest the Plano Chief of Police for anything? Perhaps dereliction of duty?

  7. Can the TX AG quash the charges against the driver?

    Will Governor Abbot man up and pardon the driver?

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