Over the weekend there was a protest outside LA City Hall against the proposal for mandatory masking and vaccination, and vaccine passports.

This should be a universal opinion in America.  You should not have to show your papers to travel or shop unrestricted in this country.

Unfortunately, this has become partisan.

Antifa, as the unofficial militia of the far Left, violently attacked these protesters, which included a stabbing.

This is the situation in America right now.

People: “We don’t want to be forced to wear useless masks and have to carry around proof of vaccination to live our lives.”

Antifa: “You are fascists” [attack with knives and bear spray].

Antifa is in this for the violence.  They enjoy identifying a group and violently attacking it.

They are getting more dangerous with every encounter.  This time someone got stabbed.

This stabbing is attempted murder, but it doesn’t seem to be being treated that way.  Because of that, they will be more emboldened the next time.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Antifa have no principles other than hatred and a desire for violence”
  1. Didn’t you hear? DHS has said that the greatest terrorist threat to America is people who oppose covid19 mandates.

    In the federal government’s official view, antifa was fighting terrorism.

  2. This situation has been allowed, by leftists and police, to reach the point of no return. It will not end without copious bloodshed, ours or theirs. Plan accordingly.

    1. EN2 –
      “It will not end without copious bloodshed, ours or theirs.”

      Embrace the power of “AND.” I’m afraid it will make the Lebanese Civil War look like a trip to Disneyland.

      1. I don’t agree. Yes, blood will leak from all concerned, but speaking from experience, trained, proficient, professional, pissed off conservatives are very efficient killers, when we’ve had more than enough.

        1. I’m afraid that in any battle plan, the enemy has a say, too. No matter the high level of proficiency the conservatives have, the other side also has (at least some) weapons, too. They are also less likely to worry about collateral damage.

          I can see conservatives being less willing to kill non-combat wives, children and parents of opponents than the anarchists/nihilists/etc shock troops on the other side.

            1. I’m afraid so. I had (and lost) family on both sides of the last internal conflict. Things can’t go on as they have, but I’m not enthusiastic nor optimistic toward what will probably happen.

              1. All it takes, is good men to stand aside, for Evil to win.
                Hard men make good times, good times makes soft men, soft men make hard times.
                The decision is, do we stand aside and allow Evil to win? Or do we do whatever it takes to defeat Evil?
                If enough people make the wrong decision, this country and EVERYONE that disagrees with the Evil agenda, are dead folks walking.
                Fight and possibly die or kneel and die anyway, all citizens choice. Choose wisely, a lot is riding on that decision.

          1. And, should the left actualize your assessment, what do you suppose will happen to grieving widowers’ selectivity?

            Bosnia (exponent) Rwanda (exponent) Somalia. That’s my bet.

            I pray events prove me wrong.

  3. Not gonna change till someone starts ventilating these cretins.

    And the cops are gonna have to decide how badly they want to protect Andy and Brandy Tifa (to borrow Steve Inman’s term). Because as the joke goes, after the first felony the rest are free. And someone willing to scatter a few Pantifa goons might not turn their nose up at doing the same with a badged enabler.

    *shrug* But hey, I could be wrong.

  4. Saw this on another site. Apparently, the antifa spokesman (or someone affiliated with antifa) claimed the stabbed person was an antifa member, not someone protesting the lockdowns.

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