Andrew Yang broke from the usual Democrat position and showed support for Israel against Hamas.

Good for him.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to do the one thing she’s good at, clapping back ignorantly.

Yang condemned terroris attacks against Israel.

That makes it inappropriate for him to show up in a Muslim neighborhood in New York City for the Islamic holiday of Eid.


Why would Muslims in New York City be offended that Yang condemned terrorism against Israel by Hamas?

Shouldn’t peaceful Muslims in the United States also condemn terrorism?

Isn’t Astoria in New York City, still part of America?

Yes, unless… Muslims everywhere are Jew-haters who support terrorism and side with Hamas, and everywhere they live becomes Islamic territory.

That’s what AOC seems to be saying.  That it’s offensive to Muslims in the US to condemn Antisemitic terrorism by other Muslims in the Middle East

Also, her statement about Muslims in Astoria “let[ting] you know” that they are unhappy about what you said is chilling.

I guess AOC, in her wokeness, accidentally let it slip that Islam is just a religion of Jew-hating terrorists.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “AOC admits that Islam is inseparable from Antisemitism and terrorism”
  1. “I guess AOC, in her wokeness, accidentally let it slip that Islam is just a religion of Jew-hating terrorists.”

    That is a bingo. She is, after all, a *proud* member of the “squad” of anti-semitic government-paid DemonKKKrat politikritters. SMH.

  2. The left’s opinion of Islam and Muslims in general is much, much worse than the people who are condemned as “Islamophobes”.

  3. It’s well known that the vast majority of middle east muslims support antisemitic policies and actions. What’s not so well known is that a substantial fraction of muslims in western countries do as well.
    A few weeks after 9/11, a Dutch polling outfit did a survey of muslim reactions to that terrorist attack. They found that about 10% of Dutch muslims actually approved of the terrorists. And nearly half “had understanding for” those attacks, though a slight majority (60%) disapproved of them.
    Nice folks, indeed.

    1. The difference between moderate Muslimes and radical Muslimes?
      The moderates want to watch while the radicals kill US.

  4. Radical Islam and even most mainstream Islam desires the complete and total global extermination of the entire Jewish population. Something that nearly the entire Democrat party agrees with. That also includes all Jewish Democrat party members. I would say the amount of members of the Democrat party on the federal, state and local level that actually don’t support the literal complete extermination of the Jews in Israel I could Count with my fingers and not use all 10 of them. Them being Jewish is only to be used as a way to get liberal brownie points. They like all Democrats or almost all Democrats desire one thing when it comes to Israel: a complete and total extermination of all Jews in Israel. Hell, if they could get away with it they would provide hamas the nuclear bombs to do it.

  5. “Shouldn’t peaceful Muslims in the United States also condemn terrorism?”

    So you’d think.

    And that line of thought leads to places most Leftists in the US, and elsewhere apparently, just aren’t willing to go.

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