Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flew to Copenhagen to deliver a 14 minute speech on climate change.

This is a stunning clip from that speech less than two minutes long.  Let’s count the number of lies packed into it.

First, there is absolutely no evidence nor is it scientificly valid to say that Hurricane Maria happened or was intensified by global warming, i.e., saying “if we had put out less CO2 in the last arbitrary number of years, Hurricane Maria would have been a CAT 3 instead of a CAT 5” is not a scientific statement.

Second, Puerto Rico is not under colonial rule.  What caused so much damage was not colonial oppression but the corruption of the local government.  This is an FALN talking point and should be called out as such.

Lastly, the “indigenous wisdom” statement is entirely the idea of the noble savage.  She believes that subsistence farmers are going to feed the population of this planet with their of traditional techniques because of their ethnicity.  This is hugely bigoted and also infeasible.

Less than 2% of our population farms enough for to produce a surplus for this country by using the best knowledge and technology that the scientific Western World has created.  She wants to throw this out and replace it with less efficient practices because the less efficient practices are used by native peoples.

If this were to come to pass it would make the Great Leap Forward look like the SoBe Diet craze.

She should really be called out for to love of the noble savage trope, but as a progressive Democrat, her bigotry will be given a pass.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “AOC is a huge fan of the Noble Savage”
  1. I stopped when she equated natural disasters with imperialism/colonialism. Brain hurt too bad to hear.

    But really, I genuinely believe AOC is not worthy of serious rebuttal. Just this 1:30 speech right here, she sounds like a little girl venturing out of the apartment for the first time. I don’t think she’s intelligent but malicious like most of her cohorts, I think she’s a True Believer. She actually seems to believe the flimsiest of notions that collapse under minor scrutiny, but is so married to it that she’ll never stray no matter how hard she gets destroyed.
    Pity is a form of contempt, and I pity this fool.

    1. Governor Rossellio was a Colonial Oppressor of the Democratic Party. In fact all the Governor’s of Puerto Rico have been Democrats for decades. Someone should remind AOC. Just don’t look into Beijing Prosperous Biopharm which was founded by said Democratic Colonial Oppressor and Governor of Puerto Rico.

  2. Yeah, “indigenous practices” like slash and burn agriculture, forcing bison herds to jump over cliffs, killing many more animals than needed, farming irrigated areas in the Southwest until the ground salts up and becomes unusable and raiding neighboring tribes for slaves and child brides. These “indigenous practices”? There are reasons why the world population soared during and after the industrial revolution. Perhaps we can be grateful that AOC may forgo adding to that population.

  3. Once again… magical thinking.

    If we just “listen to the children/indigenous/elders/earth/whatever… everything will work out just fine.”

    Look, people are taking nutritional supplements that are sold as an ancient Egyptian secret. OK, get that. Nutritional advice from a culture where the average person made it to what… the ripe old age of 40? At best?

    And… when it fails again, you will hear “but that was not real native farming.”

  4. According to the 2000 census (the most recent I could quickly google results for) 80.5% of residents the Puerto Rico identify themselves as “white.” That’s approximately the same as that “white-bread and mayonnaise” bastion of Ohio with 81.86%.

  5. Anyone remember Phil Hartman’s old “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer” bit from the old SNL?
    AOC reminds me of that. She keeps playing off her “I’m just a primitive (but wise) Hispanic girl from the Mean Streets”.
    Which is itself a load of codswallop. She’s a rich girl from the burbs.
    I even wonder if she’s actually spent any significant time in Puerto Rico, and the fancy resorts don’t count.

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