This is a cute little video from AOC.

Isn’t that deliciously snarky?

She’s out in farm country, upset that the people who grow food out there have some Constitutional protection from being run over roughshod by the people of the urban jungle she represents.

Those poor country bumpkin don’t deserve a voice in the government.  They are just peons who work the land to feed their betters who work in the city.

This is exactly why our Founding Fathers created the Electoral College because they knew that the low population density areas would have to be empowered against being dominated by the cities.

Our Constitution was never about “fairness.”  It was about protecting the rights of the underdog.

Free speech doesn’t protect popular speech, it protects unpopular speech.

Gun rights protect the weak from the strong.

The Senate protects small states from the big states.

The Electoral College protects the rural from the urban.

It’s bullies like her that want to strip away the Electoral College who also want to strip away gun rights, free speech rights, and the Senate, to weaken the little people they want to dominate.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “AOC makes a cute little video to show just how much disregard she has for you”
    1. Remember that she and her fellow travelers are trying an end run around that requirement. And they may get away with it if we aren’t vigilant.

  1. I honestly think it could back fire because now all of a a sudden you have lots of people like me who vote 3rd party because they live in the deepest of deep blues who all of a sudden matter again.

    I understand the point of the electoral college but it disenfranchises just as it protects. Surely there is a better way thank all or nothing in either direction?

    1. My team lost the super bowl. I think touchdowns should only be worth 1 point, field goals 17 points, each 1st down a half point, 1 gold star for each pretty cheerleader, and you can trade 10 gold stars for an extra kickoff or a mid-game hug. Then we need to replay the super bowl again so my team can win.

      Bullshit. The rules are established. Learn them or continue losing.

      1. Indeed. But also: every candidate knows the rules. Every candidate DOES play by the rules. If the EC didn’t exist their campaign travel patterns would look completely different from what they do today.
        So in fact, they understood the rules, they agreed to the rules, they played in a way clearly demonstrating all that, and then only once the game is over do they complain that the rules were wrong.

      2. The rules are really irrelevant to the man on the ground. He exists outside of the game, but operates under the facade that he is involved in the game. His participation generally has no bearing on the game or its outcome, yet he is bound by the outcomes of the game.

        For me, the questions is: why should we continue under such a system? It has nothing to do with the sour grapes of one team winning over the other and everything to do with making my participation meaningful if I am bound by the outcomes of it.

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