Apparently the Brady Campaign does not read the news.

They are into a new push for Universal background Checks. But it seems they are no paying attention to the latest news, specially from the TSA. This is a Facebook post that came out today. I have a feeling they chose the wrong government entity for comparison. Just a hunch.

Brady TSA

From May 23:

WASHINGTON — Facing a backlash over long security lines and management problems, the head of the Transportation Security Administration shook up his leadership team on Monday, replacing the agency’s top security official and adding a new group of administrators at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.In an email to staff members, Peter V. Neffenger, the T.S.A. administrator, announced a series of changes that included the removal of Kelly Hoggan, who had been the assistant administrator for the Office of Security Operations since 2013.Beginning late that year, Mr. Hoggan received $90,000 in bonuses over a 13-month period, even though a leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security showed that auditors were able to get fake weapons and explosives past security screeners 95 percent of the time in 70 covert tests.

Source: T.S.A. Replaces Security Chief as Tension Grows at Airports and Agency – The New York Times
And actually travelers would love to see a reduction of 40% in the TSA screenings since they have become so cumbersome and slow.

Airport screening delays have caused more than 70,000 American Airlines (AAL.O) customers and 40,000 checked bags to miss their flights this year, an executive for the airline told a U.S. congressional subcommittee on Thursday.

Source: Airport screening made 70,000 miss American Airlines flights this year | Reuters

That is just American Airlines!

Seriously, there has to be NRA people infiltrated inside the Gun Control Organizations sabotaging the crap out of their programs. That or they are utterly stupid.

I’ll go with #2.

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  1. And the “40% of guns are sold without a background check” is a debunked lie, too. It’s based on a too-small-to-be-statistically-valid survey, partly collected before the Brady Act kicked in and background checks were required on all retail sales, based entirely on the surveyed gun owners’ recollections of whether a background check was performed, and asked about all gun transfers (e.g. including gifts, trades, inheritances, etc.) instead of retail sales.

    It was debunked two years ago, but apparently is still going strong.

      1. Too right. And many of the responses like “I don’t know” (as in, “someone else bought it”) or “I don’t remember” (as in, “I bought it so long ago….”) were counted as “No” for the purposes of the survey.

  2. Are background checks constitutional? Do background checks work at all?

    No to both.

    How is it that I can be charged a fee to exercise a fundamental right? A background check that costs even one penny is a poll tax. Hey. let’s just apply background checks to young adult BLACK males to see how that makes people feel. When liberal heads stop exploding maybe they can realize just how wrong they are on this approach.

    How about their efficacy? Close to zero. Mass killers almost always pass a background check and common criminals get their firearms via straw purchases, theft, or the black market.

    What are background checks good for? Making the little minds of liberals smugly feel good since results do not enter into the equation; merely supposedly good intentions and their precious feelings. Background checks as a means to a backdoor registry are there only for confiscation later.

    So, take your UBC and shove it.

  3. Also part of the constant theme where anti-rights activists profess their love for the TSA.

    They hate the 4th Amendment as much as they hate the 2nd…or any other part of the Bill of Rights.

  4. Actually, it would be like TSA not screening people who fly privately and only screening those who fly commercially… which come to think of it, is exactly what they freakin’ do!

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