These congress “people” are demanding ICE to be abolished.

These “honorable” members of Congress are actually demanding that our border be unprotected and that anybody can just walk in our country.

Maybe instead of keep investigating if there is even a hint of collusion between Russia and the President, we should maybe be investigating if these nine idiots are being paid by the Mexican Drug Cartels who would benefit from an ICE-free America.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Are we investigating the wrong country colluding with the wrong elected official?”
  1. I saw Capuano’s name mentioned in yesterday’s paper as one of the congress critters at significant risk of suffering the Joe Crowley effect. So it may be just a craven attempt to keep his job. Then again, since he’s from MA he might be serious.
    Maybe this will help the MA delegation not to be 100% D come November.

  2. “These “honorable” members of Congress are actually demanding that our border be unprotected and that anybody can just walk in our country.”

    Actually, no.

    There is something called the Border Patrol that patrols, you guessed it, the border and does more on the front lines than ICE ever did or will do.

    Also, the “Abolish ICE” movement proposes to replace it with something that works or at least works better. As a guy that has advocated for less government or, at times, no government, you should be behind just about anything that shrinks government or reinvents it so that it works better. I imagine that if ICE had firearms regulation and/or arms trafficking in its primary mission statement you and your ilk would be cheering this kind of so-called “reinvention” of an agency. But because it doesn’t and because Democrats are pushing it…of course you have no choice but to slam it.

    The USA functioned fine for 227 years before ICE was created in 2003. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to, burrowing a phrase from Republicans, “repeal and replace” ICE with something that is better focused. But don’t take my word for it. Read what 19 ICE investigators say. The link is Fox News so you know its gotta be true, right?

    1. The ICE agents DO NOT want the same thing those demoncraps want.

      Reading is fundamental and the body of the article makes what those ICE agents want a lot clearer than the headline.

      The letter suggests splitting ICE into two separate agencies that focus separately on homeland security and deportation, which the agents say would “improve transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.”

      The demoncraps want ICE scrapped, period.

      Nice try.

  3. I don’t have any problems with these “honorable” congresskritters trying to push wide open borders, as long as the migrants are provided with all that they need with money from the pockets of these “honorable” members of Congress (as well as any other crazy progtard calling for the same) instead of money from taxpayers. Since they own houses (plural, like ole bro Bernie), they can also accommodate the migrants so we don’t have any more repeats of Obama’s kids-in-kennels brouhaha.

    1. Another way that was the norm up to about a century ago, and worked quite well, is to say that immigrants can come in freely but they get no taxpayer funded support of any kind ever.

  4. ICE was formed in 2003, but interior enforcement of immigration laws didn’t start then. From 1891 till 2003, interior enforcement was handled by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which was also the parent agency of the Border Patrol from the Patrol’s inception in 1924 till 2003. The Homeland Security Act abolished the Customs Service and INS and replaced them with Customs and Border Protection (Customs Inspection Division, Immigration Inspection Division, and Border Patrol), ICE (Customs’ and INS’s Offices of Investigation and INS Deportation Branched, renamed Enforcement and Removal Office), and Citizenship and Immigration Services (INS’s old Examination and Naturalization Branches). In my opinion, the merger was badly thought out and poorly managed, and rampant animosity between “legacy” Customs and “legacy” INS inspectors and agents hindered both CBP and ICE from their inception. Merging Customs and INS looked good on paper since they both have jurisdiction over the border (and Jimmy Carter floated the idea in 1977), but they don’t really have the same responsibilities (e.g., INS inspections must be 100%, and Customs inspections don’t).

  5. “The demoncraps want ICE scrapped, period.”

    And, again, no. At least not most of them. But that’s where your job of reading (or listening) comes in, Miles. No one can do it for you.

    And most of all, no one is “demanding that our border be unprotected and that anybody can just walk in our country,” as was hysterically stated in this blog post.

    It’s no wonder that 50% of the country actually believe that they stand a very good chance of being kidnapped by MS-13 every time they set foot out of their house.

    BTW, Old 1811, fine job on the formation and subsequent (and ongoing) challenges of the creation of ICE.

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