As Predicted: Harvey Weinstein may not see trial.

New York (CNN)Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced movie mogul whose alleged sexual assaults sparked the international #MeToo movement, may be sentenced to a lifetime of shame and ridicule. Legal experts, however, now indicate he may never see the inside of a jail, let alone go to trial to face his accusers.

Is the case against Harvey Weinstein unraveling?

Harvey may not go back to be a top Hollywood producer, (and I have my doubts about that) but the rumors he was not going to be in real trouble began when he re-appeared after his initial seclusion in some spa for the rich and horny.

The #MeToo movement spent way too much political ammunition and the masses had convicted Bill Cosby as palate cleanser. Nobody wants to open more the cesspool cover in Hollywood and NY since the rumors of child rape are till bubbling in the background. Hollywood produces too much money and lots of that money goes to selected Democratic coffers.

Anyway, boys will be boys, right?

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