Camilla Parker Bowles can’t stop talking about Joe Biden’s ‘long fart’

President Joe Biden let out a long, loud fart while speaking with the Duchess of Cornwall at the COP26 summit.

Camilla Parker Bowles “hasn’t stopped talking about” the 78-year-old’s “long fart,” it has been reported.

The pair were making small talk at the global climate change gathering in Scotland last week when the president broke wind, according to an informed source that spoke to The Mail on Sunday.

“It was long and loud and impossible to ignore,” the source told the outlet.

“Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it.”

The man is 79-years-old, I can guarantee that wasn’t just a fart.

I’m also sure he didn’t consciously fart in front of British Royalty.

Just a senile old man at an international summit, surrounded by other world leaders, losing control of how bowels.

I can just imagine how this went down with the USSS:

“All agents, Mr Magoo has had a code brown, I repeat, a code brown, sharts fired, sharts fired.”

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “At least it wasn’t a mean Tweet”
  1. It is Elder Abuse.

    F. Joe Biden should be retired and spoiling his Grandchildren. He should not be the face of a bunch of incompetent, ignorant, socialist idiots that are destroying America, and de-stabilizing the World.

  2. It is not impossible to hold in a fart. Seriously. If he did this, it was not because of an “emergency” It was because he is not aware of where he is, or who he is talking to. A disconnect between his brain and his body.

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