At what point does it count as an insurrection?

During the protest on ICE in Portland, that ended up as just a bunch of Leftists squatting in squalor outside a Federal building, the Portland Police refused to provide assistance to ICE officers who had to deal with more unruly activists.  This isn’t surprising as the Portland mayor is part of the Abolish ICE crowd and abetted the ICE protests.

During the Cuomo/Nixon debate for Governor of New York, Emperor Andrew Cuomo said this:

New York is wasting state money to sue ICE.

Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego posted this on Twitter:

I will be the first one to say, the Nuremberg Defense (“I was just following orders”) is not a defense.  Frankly, I consider it an admission of guilt.  But as of yet I’m still not sure what illegal orders ICE has been given.  Furthermore, separating children from the adults that brought them to to border (not all are parents) for no longer than 14 days is not the Holocaust.  It’s not even FDR’s internment of the Japanese.  They are not morally tantamount, unless you believe that no person who is suspected of breaking the law should be arrested, detained, and separated from their children while in jail.

The wording “When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders” sounds suspiciously like a threat of political retribution.

More recently, Florida Gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Gillum has announced his desire to abolish ICE – remember, he’s running for Governor, not Congress, he would have no ability to change Federal law unless he got to appoint a Senator – and replace it with the Department of Justice, which has been siding against Trump since some time in 2015.

So when mayors, governors, and Representatives actively undermine the enforcement of Federal law and support attacks, legal or otherwise, on Federal law enforcement, at what point does it become an insurrection by the states?

What happens if (when) New York State Police or the NYPD arrest ICE agents who are carrying out a lawful arrest and charge them with violating state law?

Keep in mind, this is nothing new.

Once again, Democrats are resisting the Federal goverment so they can maintain slaves an ethnically distinguishable base of low cost labor.

4 Replies to “At what point does it count as an insurrection?”

  1. About this “separating families” thing.
    If you arrest someone who has accompanying child(ren), and no responsible family member who can take custody of the child(ren) is available, you have two choices: You can “separate the family” and put the child(ren) in a juvenile facility, or you can “keep the family together” and put the child(ren) in an adult jail. You can only do one of those two things, and one of them is illegal (and rightly so). So the obvious intent of this “controversy” is to make it impossible to arrest any illegal aliens who are accompanied by children. Wanna bet the illegal aliens don’t know that, and won’t take advantage of it?

      1. J.Bb;
        They want a ‘catch and release’ program so they won’t offend a significant part of their voting base.
        Think I’m kidding?

    1. Or the poor innocent victimized border jumpers could keep their families together by going back home after they were caught. Better yet, stay there, and apply for legal US residency to start with.

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