Wesley Mouch was the bad guy and Directive 10-289 destroyed the economy.

These people read dystopian sci-fi and think the bad guys are heroes.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged was not a how-to manual, dammit!”
  1. Yup. Another enlighted educated F’in MORON with no clue. “Thise evil businesses are fukkin us again! Lets fix the price they can charge!…” how brilliant.
    The dumbing down of America is complete

  2. Word is, the Dems want to put statewide rent control on the Florida ballot in November. The proposed limit for rent increases is purported to be 5 percent plus the reported CPI per year.
    This will kill both rental availability AND housing resale value when all of the rentals suddenly go up for sale.

  3. I remember how successful President Nixon was with his wage and price controls. (Hint: Nixon was not successful)

    I am afraid that F. Joe Biden and his advisors will be stupid enough to repeat the same failures. It seems like all Biden can do is reverse successful Trump policies and create new failing policies of his own? Why not Wage and Price Controls? Guaranteed to be popular with Washington DC / NYC / LA-Hollywood Elitists. Guaranteed to Fail.

  4. This is from the UK which had food, fuel and material rationing until 9 years after WWII ended. I am not impressed with their ability to tun an economy.

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