I like this judge.

He will defend the justice system from the mob.

The next step will be the mob going after him.

I hope he has the fortitude to stand his ground.

We need more judges like him.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Attempted jury intimidation stopped by the judge”
  1. What John in NH just said.

    Sure, the deputies made the guy delete the video.


    The guy’s been there all week filming and taking photos. Deleting this one won’t make a difference. And he or someone else will be back tomorrow, maybe with a zoom lens from across the street.

    The long and short is, the jurors’ faces are already out there, and the threat has already been issued (they’ll be doxxed if they return the “wrong” verdict).

    But good on him for trying.

    1. I wonder if one of them will simply tell the judge, “I can no longer give an unbiased verdict, because I do not want my house burned down.”

      1. That’s what the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial should have said. Instead, they demonstrated that jury intimidation is now a viable tactic.

        (To be clear, from what I know about him, I do not like Chauvin. By all accounts, he was kind of an @$$hole. But being an @$$hole isn’t a crime, and I don’t believe the available evidence supported murder convictions.)


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