Two Tiers

New York Post : Illegal immigrant cleared in Kate Steinle’s death gets time served for gun charge.

And again we see how there are two tiers of justice. There is the kill someone while a felon in possession of a firearm gets you time served (7 years) while a grandmother taking selfies in the capital still hasn’t had her trial and is being held without bail.

The judge warned “this is your last chance. If I see you again…” 5 other times judges said “this is a chance” or “this is your last chance” but because he didn’t end up with the same judge he just got deported.

My prediction is that we will hear about this guy when he kills somebody else sometime in the future.

You’re going to shoot your eye out kid

For all of those gun infringers out there. This is a 3D printed rocket that is launched from a PVC shoulder fired launcher. Think AT4.

While they did not achieve a successful hit on target with the high explosive rocket (think tannerite), they did have a few successful launches and it is clear that with a little more testing they will have something more reliable.

I’ve thought about simple mortars using black powder with a System On Chip to cause an ignition at some distance over ground. What goes up, must come down and the amount of time it takes to go up tells you how long it will take to come down and it is pretty simple math to figure out how to calculate a distance. I.e. no fancy radar or anything like that.

Big Changes…

14 years ago came to life. It was started as a way for Miguel to express himself in a world driven by a media narrative of gun control and guns are evil.

Miguel came from a country where freedoms were limited. The right of self-defense was stomped out by the government. It was stomped out until the only people with guns were the government and the gangs approved of by the government.

He found a new life in the United States. He worked hard to become successful and he quickly learned to love his new country. He became a citizen. He learned more about our country than most native born citizens ever do.

And he exercised his rights, with firearm ownership, with carrying his firearms and becoming his own first point of defense. He became vocal and a member of the press with his own blog.

He found a kindred sprite in J.Kb. and the two of them authored over 21 thousand articles over the years.

Three years ago Miguel was having trouble with his website and a reader and frequent contributor to the comments reached out and offered web services. Miguel named him Anonymous Web Angel or AWA.

AWA brought Troglodite Services to the assistance of With the generous donations from you, the readers, he was able to pay for those services.

Shortly there is going to be a transition. Miguel is tired, he is going to take a step back from the running of the site and of being responsible for most of the content on the site.

He is passing that mantel to J.Kb. with the help of AWA.

As part of this process we are going to be trying to get the site to pay for itself. We are not going to use ads as we just can’t find a good ad network that will work with a pro-gun site. Frankly, we hate the sorts of ads that get shoved in front of our readers. Instead we are going to do this with a membership option.

We will be offering different levels of memberships for different options within the site. We are going to make some posts or parts of posts for members only.

  • .22lr – Plinker: Will allow people to make comments on posts
  • .45ACP/9mm – Pistoleer: Will allow member to read any post
  • .330Blackout – Sniper: Will allow member to mark comment for moderation
  • 5.56×45 – Shooter: Will allow member to contribute articles for the site.

Thank you again for being our readers and all you have done to make this blog successful.

Please give us your feedback down below in the comments

Miguel, J.Kb. and AWA

Where did I put that?

There comes a time when you look at the world and decide you want to hide something. Where you hide it depends a lot on what you are hiding and when you think you will need access to.

It also depends on who you are hiding it from.

Every parent when I was a kid knew that they checked under the mattress for hidden things and on the top shelves of closets. As a 12yo I knew every hiding place in the house where my parents could hide Christmas presents.

And yeah, I did move the dresser from in front of the “unused” closet under the eves in order to peek in and see all the loot that would be mine on Christmas day.

For an even better and sicking look, watch the scene in Schindler’s List to see the German solders searching the ghetto for Jews that stayed behind in hiding. What you didn’t see and likely didn’t know was that the German’s had cleared that particular ghetto multiple times. They already knew all the hiding places.

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A tale of three Senators…

It is 0900 on Tusday after Memorial day. There has been lots of talk about Congress looking to create new infringement laws. I decide to contact my Senators to voice my position and stance.

First I call the DC numbers for both. I’m given an option of leaving a message for my Senator. Nothing else.

I then call the office of my Senator here in my home state. A staffer answers, I give him my name and city of residence. This establishes me as somebody that is represented by my Senator. I request to make an appointment.

The staffer says “Tell me more about your concern and I’ll make sure they get your comments.” Now this is a blow off. So I again ask “How do I make an appointment to speak to my Senator?” Staffer again refuses to answer. This goes back and forth a half dozen times. He won’t tell me how to make an appointment. Keeps demanding to know what I want to speak about. “Her support of infringing on the rights of US citizens” isn’t good enough.

In the end he ends the conversation. In the course of the conversation I learned that I would have to tell an anonymous staffer what my concerns were. He would pass it to a staffer who would decide if they would pass my request to the schedulers who might then contact me to make an appointment.

So I called Ted Cruz’s office. He’s not my Senator. There is a message that Ted recorded, given multiple options including “Press zero to talk to somebody on my staff.” That staffer was unable to help me get an appointment with my Senator but explained how it worked for Ted. I had a pleasant conversation, said thank you. Told him I wished that Ted was my Senator, then corrected that to “I wish my Senator was more like Ted.”

Using the suggestion from Ted’s office, I went to my other Senator’s webpage and put in a request for an appointment with my other Senator. I’ll wait to see if I get an appointment.

In the mean time, I’m writing a letter to send to my Senator’s and Representative.

In terms of how much weight a political representative puts on any communications, they are ranked:

  1. Comment on Social Media
  2. Directed Tweet or other bulk comment
  3. E-mail
  4. Phone call
  5. Typed/printed letter
  6. Hand written letter
  7. In person conversation

I’ve normally opted for making a phone call. I’ve attempted to get an in person conversation with my Senators. I’ve written a letter which I will print and send out later today.

Report your attempted contacts or contacts in the comments below. Let us know how well you did in communicating with your Senator or Representatives and what sort of response you get.