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6 thoughts on “Backyard Flags”
  1. The Uncommon flag poles are great –

    It uses a PCV pipe set into concrete and the pole itself telescopes (height locks via depressable detents so you can even drop it very low if you don’t want to remove it entirely) and is easily removable from it’s mount by just lifting it out (it goes into the ground about 3′).

    I’ve had mine flying a pair of 3×5 flags for 5+ years with no trouble at all.

    1. +1 on the Uncommon USA setup. Mine has been up 7/24/365 for almost 15 years and is lit dusk to dawn. The only exception is severe weather. Although I fly all-weather flags, they have their limits. Wind is OK, rain is OK, wind with rain will shred flags. When they become unserviceable, they are retired accordingly and respectively..

      1. One style to consider is the hinged style. Two poles in the and extending 2 to 3 feet above. Flag pole goes between. Pivot at the top of the short ground poles. And a pivot hole in the flash pole at height above ground minus 2 inches.

        Cross pin at the base.

        Get things set up, pivot the pole up. Fly your flag proudly. Bad weather? Pull the retaining pin, bring the pole to the ground.

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