Yesterday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suckered her Democrat compatriots into trivializing the Holocaust.

It’s hard to imagine things going worse for the Democrats among the non-deranged, but it did.

From The Washington Post:

‘We got things done’: Biden recalls ‘civility’ with segregationist senators

Um… what now?

Joe Biden wistfully recalled on Tuesday an era in which he was able to get along with segregationist senators even though they “didn’t agree on much of anything.”

Dismissing criticism from his party’s left-wing flank that he is too conciliatory toward political adversaries, the former vice president told a crowd of about 100 people gathered for a fundraiser at the Carlyle hotel in New York that one of his strengths was “bringing people together.”

He knew this made him “old-fashioned” in the eyes of restive Democrats, he said. But he remained adamant that political fellowship of the sort he maintained with white supremacists in the 1970s was not just possible in today’s climate — but the best answer to the forces elevating President Trump.

“If we can’t reach a consensus in our system, what happens?” Biden said at the fundraiser, according to a pool report. “It encourages and demands the abuse of power by a president.”

As evidence of his ability to forge personal bonds, the former vice president pointed to his 36-year career in the Senate, which stretched back to 1973 and overlapped with the service of leading Southern Democrats. Biden cited the late Sens. James O. Eastland of Mississippi and Herman E. Talmadge of Georgia, who were both steadfastly opposed to civil rights and racial integration.

That is one hell of a stance to take.

Senator James O. Eastland, a Democrat from Mississippi encouraged states to willfully violate Brown vs. Board of Education and continue to keep schools segregated after the Supreme Court ruling.

Herman Talmage, Democratic Senator and Governor of Georgia, closed schools rather than desegregate them.  He also boycotted the 1964 DNC Convention to protest the signing of the Civil Rights Act by LBJ.  Just for good measure, he was a raging drunk who was censured for embezzling everything that wasn’t nailed down.

These are some real quality guys for Biden to reminisce about.

“Sure he had a white hood in his closet, but he was a hell of a nice guy and a great drinking buddy.”  Sure, Joe, just go with that.  That’s going to win hearts and minds.

But if that’s not enough, watch this:

That is so beautiful I want to fap to it.

I don’t think anybody there was expecting that.

Holy shit.

Maybe the DNC needs to take a couple of days off and regroup, because this is not boding well for them

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Bad day for Democrat race relations”
  1. Semi off topic…

    Creepy ol’ Uncle Joe is considered the Dem frontrunner, and the only person that could beat Trump in 2020. And, apparently the numbers are proving that.

    Here you have it, Joe pulls a crowd of about 100 people for a fundraiser. Trump did this:

    Yep. Trump should just drop out now, save everyone the effort. 2020 is going to be an interesting year.

  2. Desegregation has been disastrous for all Americans. Anyone critical of that social engineering is wise.

    1. Sorry you are so wrong. From Crispus Attucks to Gunny sergeant and Medal of Honor winner John Canley have proven that segregation is a failed policy. And don’t get me started on the honorable service of the US Colored Infantry. Desegregation has been proven to enrich our society. Now what you might be thinking about is the so called Great Society, that 20 trillion dollar boondoggle that has brought about the demise of families of all races. There I fixed it for you.

      1. Matt and FboyJ: Please provide a reference that segregation is a failed policy, or that it was a successful policy.

        And, please also note the following: My request is not a veiled statement for or against segregation. I am interested to see a peer-reviewed piece of research supporting your respective statements, as I have never come across a reference that proves segregation is bad – or good – from a statistical as opposed to the narrative of specific individuals (which technique, generally speaking, can be applied in either direction, depending on the individuals selected).

          Here ya go a mixed message but not much research has been done. But no blatant racist statements such as Matt has espoused. And maybe I’m an outlier but I work in public safety with a racially diverse work force. I will sacrifice my life if needs must to protect or save one of my brothers or sisters. Sounds corny but to be in fire service whether paid or volunteer “you go, we go” still resounds in our ranks no matter the race or sex

            1. Fboyj: on some levels I, myself, absolutely agree with you. On the street on DaCity, my PARTNER was, let us say, “of the African persuasion” , whereas I disappear against a light background. My daughter is biracial, my grand daughter, tri-racial.

              Nevertheless, I agree with ItsjustBoris. I, too, would be interested in real research, with citations that (segregation)(integration) is objectively verifiably (beneficial)(harmful) to society. In individual cases, no question. Sgt Major Canley? Sh’yeah! I am, maybe, worthy of breathing his exhaled air.

              My daughter? A source of sunshine in my declining years. Dr. Condoleezza Rice? An affirmative asset on a national level. And so forth.

              The news provides frequent counter examples.

              And who can argue that pale nincompoop provide a benefit to darker completed folks? Not this guy!

              So, I, as well, would like non-polemical information, rather than a “catechism” of “Diversity is our strength!” , or similar assertions not necessarily in evidence.

              Thank you, all, for reading this far, as well as the thoughtful discussion.

  3. Don’t forget, every one of those Racist Southern Senators in the 1950’s and 1960’s was a Democrat in good standing. Joe Biden was dealing with Members of his own party. I should hope they were nice to a fellow Democrat!

    Remember Birmingham Al Public Safety Commissioner Bull Connor was a Democrat National Committee Member in good standing, and the Klan was the militant arm of the Democrat Party.

  4. I recieved a email from old Joe wanting a donation. It said Trump raised more the night he announced he was running again than any democrat had raised in the last 3 months. And hopefully it’s getting worse!

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