I figured out Dr. Fauci long ago.

He is an 80 year old man who for 36 years has worked for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

He’s a Silent Generation career bureaucrat at an agency that you have never heard of before.

All of a sudden he’s in the spotlight, on TV, giving briefings to the president, Leftists are making action figures and saint candles of him.

He’s getting awards, recognition, and a shit load of money.

Why on God’s green earth, after a lifetime of bureaucrat anonymity would he give that up?

He’s going to feed the fear to keep him relevant until he dies or something else knocks him off the stage.

No different that why Pelosi or Biden or Bill Nelson or any of these other octogenarian swamp creatures refuses to go the fuck away.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Barely parody”
  1. To understand, who Fauci really is, just talk to old gays who survived the Aids crisis. Mention Bactrim, AZT, the hetero transmission being overamplified at the cost of screwing prevention…. The experience expands ones non-colloquial vernacular exponentially.

    One thing I will give this creature: he is a genius level politician. Always stays on top, like pond slime.

  2. It’s interesting that the other big name from the early days of the Wuhan Virus has quietly gone quiet, and never seemed to be a camera hog: Deborah Birx. Probably not a coincidence is that she very much seems to be a data person, as opposed to be a random opinions person.

  3. I am developing the opinion that there should be a age limit for politicians in addition to term limits for all political positions. Perhaps no older that 2/3 of whatever the national life expectancy average is to run. I want our politicians to be young enough they have to live with the choices they make in office.

    1. My idea for politicians is to deny them pay increases. Whatever is the going rate for congresscritters when first elected is what they should get throughout their terms in office.
      That will do two good things: create a soft term limit, and strongly discourage policies that create inflation (and the confirmation of appointed politicians who aim to create inflation).
      To crank up the volume the rule could be that the pay drops by 10% per year.

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