Yesterday Miguel posted “Because anyone can be the Jew,” a cautionary tale.

Right on cue, our favorite nuke happy Congressman, Eric Swalwell has decided to announce his campaign for President.

This is how The Atlantic reported on it.

Eric Swalwell Is Running for President on Gun Safety
The California congressman is partnering with a Parkland student and says he isn’t afraid of the NRA.

There are more long-shot Democrats running for president this year than there have been total candidates in previous campaigns—and next week, Eric Swalwell is joining the pack. The California congressman and frequent cable-news guest on all things related to President Donald Trump and Russia will announce his presidential plans in an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. But he won’t be running on Russia, or on the continuing fallout from the Mueller report and the Barr letter. Swalwell will center his campaign on gun control.

He is focusing his campaign on gun control.  The core reason he wants to run is to restrict the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

That’s not peripheral for him, that is his central message.

Who has he partnered with?

Last week, he invited Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, to join him at an annual event with veterans at a shooting range. He tweeted a photo of himself firing at a target and one posing with Watts on the range, but made no mention of his political plans.

Here is the Tweet.

This Tweet is absolute Horseshit.

This blog as documented just how much Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action have pushed the woke idea of racist police targeting minorities as they have slid down the intersectional slope.

The only police they support are the Sheriffs and Police Chiefs who use their clout to advocate for more gun control.

Swalwell has decided to officially announce his candidacy at a town hall in Parkland, Florida.  The symbolism of that is no lost on us.

On Twitter, meanwhile, Swalwell posted a voicemail that he says he received at his office, with a man angrily screaming about his position on guns and threatening to kill him. “I’m not afraid of this guy,” Swalwell wrote. “I’m not afraid of the NRA. I’m not afraid. No fear.”

Swalwell has focused on the NRA before with truly disgusting rhetoric.

So some six million American citizens are not really American and he will soon defeat them.

Where else have I heard the rhetoric about some six million people not really representing the nation they are citizens of, and how they will soon be defeated?

This is how Swalwell sees the NRA.  If it were not for this small group of people, the United States would be a wonderful, happy, safe place, but this minority group is undermining America and killings its children for their own selfish desires.

Swalwell is running for leader by demonizing six million Americans, blaming them for the deaths of children, and promising that if he is elected, the NRA will be defeated and that will bring about many years of peace.

NRA members really are Fuhrer-wannabe Swalwell’s Jews.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on ““Because anyone can be the Jew. “ – Pt. 2”
  1. So he just pissed on 6 million voters… who all know 100 million more voters. Go ahead and run on “gun control” It worked so well for others.

  2. One of the things continuously ignored by the wannabe fascists is that the NRA membership is a fraction of second amendment supporters. Some people aren’t NRA members because they believe the NRA made compromises that shouldn’t have been made. Some are not members because they want a more aggressive approach to challenge existing infringements of rights. Many are not members because they don’t want their names on a membership list that could be seized by a repressive government. But the bottom line is that there a hell of a lot more than six million (ominous number that) pro-gun activists to deal with.

  3. Was the angry call in response to Swallwell’s threat to use nukes against Americans? Because he deserves more than just angry calls for that.

  4. “So some six million American citizens are not really American and he will soon defeat them.”

    Funny how a poll of about 1,000 people is considered an accurate representation of how the population feels about a topic, but 6,000,000 plus people who are voluntarily submitting dues every year does not represent the US.

    As to the angry call, I am suspicious. So far, there have been dozens of bogus attacks against the folks on the left, but I have yet to hear about a person on the right faking their own attack or threat. Maybe there are dozens of examples, but I see plenty of theater from the left. I see blood and bruises on the right.

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