Because we are cool Lefty kids

“Let’s be Political Hipsters and bring the Allende coup to Social Media today rather than respect 9/11.”

Not saying that Pinochet was an angel, but Allende was a communist asshole who was already swimming between dislike and hate by Chileans. There were protest and marches and the traditional cooking pot banging in Santiago (the capital) on a regular basis, so the image of a perfectly angelic image of Allende was mostly post-coup propaganda.

“But Miguel, there is no proof that Allende was a communist!”

Castro visiting Chile

And if that is not enough, check the first photo again. With the exception of Cuba, do you know how rare is to see AK 47s in this side of the Atlantic in 1973 in the hands of a government? This is a South America covered from top to bottom by FN FALs as main rifle with 2 plants, one in Argentina and one in Venezuela.

So 45 years ago, a CIA backed junta got rid of a communist. Big fucking deal.

2 Replies to “Because we are cool Lefty kids”

    1. But those people were wreckers and saboteurs and needed to be killed to protect the Revolution!- or so the Socialist logic goes until that nation has failed to the point that it becomes “Not Real Socialism!”.

      Of course, Allende was stopped before he could really get his own gulags running, and ruin his own economy. Had he jailed and murdered his own tens of thousands, those same whining leftist would just shrug. It’s not bad if it’s a Socialist murdering people.

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