Once upon a time we fought a war on two fronts on opposite sides of the world and won.

We forced unconditional surrenders of armies we beat back from controlling whole continents.

Now a bunch of medieval boy-raping Islamists who don’t ever wear closed toe shoes forced our President to capitulate.

We surrendered to the Taliban.

But at least there are no mean Tweets.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Biden acquiesced to our enemy”
  1. Next time anyone suggests invading the third world, I vote for orbital bombardment. Only way to be sure.

    For real though, Taliban got us bent over a barrel here (thanks to Washington’s incompotence). What’s to stop them from mortaring the only operational runway in Kabul or launching an RPG at a plane on the runway? Boom…your fixed wing airlift has now become a rotary wing one.

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