I guess we know why this Administration selected her.

This massive thread from Senator Josh Hawley:


Here is it unrolled for easy reading:

I’ve been researching the record of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, reading her opinions, articles, interviews & speeches. I’ve noticed an alarming pattern when it comes to Judge Jackson’s treatment of sex offenders, especially those preying on children

Judge Jackson has a pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes, both as a judge and as a policymaker. She’s been advocating for it since law school. This goes beyond “soft on crime.” I’m concerned that this a record that endangers our children

As far back as her time in law school, Judge Jackson has questioned making convicts register as sex offenders – saying it leads to “stigmatization and ostracism.” She’s suggested public policy is driven by a “climate of fear, hatred & revenge” against sex offenders

Judge Jackson has also questioned sending dangerous sex offenders to civil commitment. We have a civil commitment law in Missouri, and it protects children

It gets worse. As a member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Judge Jackson advocated for drastic change in how the law treats sex offenders by eliminating the existing mandatory minimum sentences for child porn

Judge Jackson has said that some people who possess child porn “are in this for either the collection, or the people who are loners and find status in their participation in the community.” What community would that be? The community of child exploiters?

Judge Jackson has opined there may be a type of “less-serious child pornography offender” whose motivation is not sexual but “is the challenge, or to use the technology.” A “less-serious” child porn offender?

In her time on the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Judge Jackson said she “mistakingly assumed that child pornography offenders are pedophiles” and she wanted “to understand this category of nonpedophiles who obtain child pornography.”

On the federal bench, Judge Jackson put her troubling views into action. In every single child porn case for which we can find records, Judge Jackson deviated from the federal sentencing guidelines in favor of child porn offenders

In the case of United States v. Hawkins, the sex offender had multiple images of child porn. He was over 18. The Sentencing Guidelines called for a sentence of up to 10 years. Judge Jackson sentenced the perpetrator to only 3 months in prison. Three months.

In United States v. Stewart, the criminal possessed thousands of images of child porn and also hoped to travel across state lines to abuse a 9-year-old girl. The Guidelines called for a sentence of 97-121 months. Judge Jackson sentenced the criminal to just 57 months.

In United States v. Cooper, in which the criminal had more than 600 images and videos and posted many on a public blog, the Guidelines called for a sentence of 151-188 months.

Judge Jackson settled on 60 months, the lowest possible sentence allowed by law.
In United States v. Chazin, the offender had 48 files of child porn, which he had accessed over a period of years. The Guidelines recommended 78-97 months. Judge Jackson gave him 28.

In United States v. Downs, the perp posted multiple images to an anonymous instant messaging app, including an image of a child under the age of 5. The Guidelines recommended 70-87 months. Judge Jackson gave him the lowest sentence allowed by law, 60 months

In United States v. Sears, the sex offender distributed more than 102 child porn videos. He also sent lewd pictures of his own 10-year-old daughter. The Guidelines recommended 97-121 months in prison. Judge Jackson gave him 71 months.

In United States v. Savage, the sex offender was convicted of travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, and also admitted to transporting child porn. The Guidelines recommended 46-57 months. Judge Jackson gave him 37.

This is a disturbing record for any judge, but especially one nominated to the highest court in the land. Protecting the most vulnerable shouldn’t be up for debate. Sending child predators to jail shouldn’t be controversial.

So far, the Sentencing Commission has refused to turn over all Judge Jackson’s records from her time there. In light of what we have learned, this stonewalling must end. We must get access to all relevant records.

So Biden’s SCOTUS nominee is a Jew hating, pedophile lover who goes easy on child sex criminals and traffics in Black Hebrew Israelite conspiracy theories.

By the standards of the new Progressive Democrat party, she’s a keeper.

A perfect representation of what they stand for now.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Biden’s SCOTUS nominee is a pedo supporter”
  1. Not only do I not want a person like that on SCOTUS, I do not want a person like that as a judge at any level of any court system. I do not care what their race, color, creed, or sexual orientation is; their pedophile-friendly stance is unacceptable.

  2. There is of course an easy way to avoid the “stigmatization and ostracism” of sex offender registration: execute them instead. No registry to worry about then. And, just maybe, it will nudge evolution in the right direction.

  3. “ On the federal bench, Judge Jackson put her troubling views into action. In every single child porn case for which we can find records, Judge Jackson deviated from the federal sentencing guidelines in favor of child porn offenders””

    That should be the end of her, …if Sanity was Leading.
    I offer…tomorrow as evidence of the Lack of that.

    Expect A Enthusiastic Defense, …dblin down and stuff.

    Interesting the amount of Pedophillia attached to this bunch, it’s Minions and Adherents. ….from the Anti-Phu to the State Dept, CIA, NSA and FBI i do believe, ol’sniffer, uncle billy, …off the top of my head.

    ….i memebe something about a “Hoax/Conspiracy”…

    fingers tappin..ahhh, Pizzagate, thats it.
    and some sick ass pedo “Art” and the Slices….…hmmm. Tap Tap Tap of the fingers…

    Naahhhhh couldn’t be.
    just ….crazy talk. Crazy…
    Damn Conspiracy nuts!
    There should be a law. A Federal Law.

    “A good Conspiracy…….”

  4. This article called Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination “yet another massive vetting failure from the Biden White House.”

    I disagree completely.

    To borrow comments I made elsewhere: It’s only a “failure” if the Biden Administration is acting with good intentions. An assertion of good intentions assumes facts not in evidence.

    In fact, a preponderance of available evidence indicates the Biden Administration is acting directly contrary to the interests of America and her citizenry.

    Ergo, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination was not a “vetting failure”; it was a raging success. The vetting process produced exactly the kind of racially-biased and anti-Semitic — and we can now add, pedophile-pandering — SJW activist nominee the Biden Administration wants to see on the Supreme Court.

    No more and no less.

    It’s no accident or mistake. It is intentional.

  5. She has the same opinions of over 95% of the democrat party, the media and the elites (since they like to rape children already). I expect every democrat to vote to confirm as well as a few republicans. Unless this goes public and she becomes nuclear to support. But then again the media will not report on this. It makes democrats look bad.

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