We were told that Biden would announce on Tuesday his winter plan to combat Omicron.

We have leaked info.

Oh look, restrictions on interstate travel and government quarantine camps.

So Biden is announcing that we are going to become Australia.

Exactly like the Constitution expressly prohibits.

And booster requirements.  You thought you were “fully vaxxed.”  Not anymore, that goalpost was moved.

You want to to know why I believe civilians should be allowed to own rocket launchers?

Because when you get stopped at a checkpoint at the state line and the Fed Bois check to see that you’re up to date on your boosters, and if you’re not they drag you off to a quarantine camp for a 14 day hold and compulsory vaccination, you’re gonna wish you had a rocket launcher for that checkpoint.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Biden’s unconstitutional winter plan leak”
  1. I think bido n crew will get a rude awakening if they start this shiite….. they haven’t disarmed us ….
    It will be really brave or really really stupid….
    This is the point where I wish I was financially better off cause I would quit working so I dont HAVE to go out in public. Geezus It would be nice if they would just fukkin stop this insanity. End of rant…

  2. Curious to see how this plays in parts of the south. Some folks forget a verse from a song that is one of the state songs of Tennessee (Patron State of Shootin’ Stuff per Bob Lee Swagger).

    “Once two strangers climbed ol’ Rocky Top, lookin’ for a moonshine still. Strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top. Reckon they never will.”

  3. I recently took at part time job at the Home Depot in north Portland; it’s approximately 1/3 mile south of the Oregon-Washington state border… I’d say the majority of our employees and a plurality of our customers are coming in from Washington.

    This is gonna be “interesting times” for sure.

  4. It’s gonna be really funny when they release the actual plan – which will not contain the words “Cross-State Travel” at all – and you gullible boomers realize that you were baited by a 16 year old who knows how to right click and inspect element on a webpage.

  5. Why are they continuing to push VACCINES!?!?!?

    They do not work anymore against the Delta Variant, and everything I have seen says they will not even affect the Omicron Variant. Why do they push them?

    Why aren’t they pushing for effective tteatments? Brazil, India, and even Japan are using Ivermectin. Others are using HCQ. I myself am using Vitamin D plus Zinc, Vitamins B, C, K2, and a multivitamin as a preventive therapy. Now if I can just lose another 40 pounds too.

  6. I do believe this administration is deliberately trying to create an uprising. To push the average person who just wants to be left alone to acts of violence.

    The so-called Jan 6th insurrection is a big nothing burger. Pretty much no one who fell for the bait and entered the Capital actually participated in any anti-government activities. They need someone to actually commit a violent act.

    Stay calm people. Force them to make the first move.

    1. I’m not even certain it’s that coherent. I think they’re just wildly flailing about.

      Winning the presidency has turned out to be possibly the biggest pyrrhic victory since, well, Pyrrhus coined the term. They’re saddled with a senile old creep and a VP who could lose a popularity contest to a canister of spent nuclear fuel rods. Congress is in complete disarray, they keep threatening the judiciary to ‘see things right’, and states are dusting off the concepts of nullification and pondering a test drive.

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