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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

25 thoughts on “Black Friday: Shooting at a mall in Alabama. One dead. (Graphic Content) UPDATE”
      1. You do know that it is possible for people to have read the article _prior_ to the update having been posted? Calling everybody a “moron” just makes you look like an ass.

  1. Not terribly upset another gang banger has achieved room temp.

    Interesting about the concealed carry folks showing restraint. As you note, the gun grabbers assume that the very act of owning a gun makes you think you are John Wayne, Dirty Harry, and Rambo all rolled up into one. Funny how reality shows up. I am actually kind of surprised the reporter and/or editor allowed that sentence to appear in the article.

      1. There is no such update anywhere on the linked article. Indeed, doing a Ctrl+F search for “veteran” returns no results…

        So you decided to call a bunch of people “morons” because they didn’t read an update that does not exist.

  2. Agree with CBMT- I’ve carried legally since 1986, never had to shoot anyone, and I pray to God I never have to.

  3. My son told me he saw a meme today that read, “Black Friday Sales Were So Crazy At The Riverchase Galleria That Peoples Heads Were Literally Exploding”. with the photo of the perp lying there in a puddle of blood. I know Birmingham has become so desensitized to this sort of thing (and perhaps all of urban America) that no one pays much attention these acts of violence. The mall was back full today with the local media, mayor, PD urging everyone to come on out and do some shopping (the tax coffers have to be filled). I think there have been 103 homicides to date (three killed in the last 24 hrs.). It is practically all black on black except for the serial killer (Just my personal theory. A few of those were white, but their cars were all similar. Either it is a serial killer or gang initiations the media and the BPD chose to remain silent about those) where fifteen people have been shot while driving in the same area (I-20 and Oporto Madrid Hwy. in the vicinity of the airport), If we took black gun homicide statistics out of the equation gun violence in and around Birmingham (Alabama and the U.S. for that matter) would be at almost zero.

  4. “We received a call of shots fired outside of Foot Action…..” Yep, I’ll bet they were fighting over a pair of sneakers!

  5. Anyone know what the perp did for a living? I am assuming he was an aspiring rapper who was turning his life around. A career and life choice that almost always end us being fatal.

          1. They may well have and it’s always wise to hold off judgment until all the facts are available.

            However, Kinetix decided to wade into the comment thread here to accuse everyone of being “morons” because they hadn’t read an article update… and there was no update.

        1. Its just funny how the black guy is automatically a thug. No innocent until proven guilty. Thats why they are all morons.

      1. This is the third time you’ve posted that same comment. Do you have a link to show us, or are you just talking out of your ass?

  6. I’ll reserve judgement on the person killed by police until the facts are available. I will note that the link kindly posted by Irish has no mention of the color or veteran status of the person killed. As for being “killed for being black” that is total speculation at this time.

  7. Wow. Classy cluster of comments by gun owners. Typical.

    And good job rushing the post to publication without waiting for all the facts to come to light. You love to wag your fingers at others for rushing to judgment and yet…here we are.

    Hypocritical much?

    1. The original post only referenced the facts contained in the originally linked newspaper report. In fact, the original post explicitly mentioned that not all the facts were in.

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