So instead of being deep in slumber after a hard night’s work, I made it home and finished Monster Hunter Alpha. That is the fourth time that Larry screws with my sleeping cycle and we are going to have a couple of words about it.

It is hard to talk about MHA without giving something away but I will try to avoid spoilers. Larry discarded a fast & violent beginning…mostly. The book reads more “mature”  and builds up to OMG Warp speed of blood guts and claws. By the end, you are in the middle of a wormhole of action begging for a breathing break.

We get to know Earl, warts and all.  Although Larry is smart enough not to overdo the writing with boring details so it is easy to read and yet you get a lot of insight in what Earl has to carry with him every day. And just when you are getting into that deep introspective mood, there the switch to enough blood spilled & monsters slayed to get you head in the right track.

At the risk of ticking Larry a tad (which can be bad as in pissing somebody that owns a 10mm STI), my opinion is that Larry has matured greatly as a writer and yet has a wonderfully twisted mind because he comes up with some seriously gruesome ways to kill monsters.

The re-reading of MHA will begin in 24 hours. Yep, that good. Go get yours!

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Monster Hunter Alpha.”
  1. Read this in the ARC form and it was well worth the few extra $ for it, PLUS I got to read it weeks ago! Love all the MHI books, and the Grimnoire Chronicles are off to a great start as well. 5 stars!

  2. Ugh, ordered from Uncle Hugos. I keep telling myself it’s worth the wait for the signed copies. It’s killing me.

  3. I have this on pre-order from Amazon, its supposedly going to ship next week-ish. The ironic part is, I recently introduced an out-of-state friend to the wide wide world of Larry Correia. She powered through MHI, MHV, and Hard Magic in like two weeks, has pre-ordered Alpha and DeadSix….and has already received Alpha from Amazon and is half way through the dang book. Where’s the justice? I CAN’T WAIT!!! Arrrg.

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