Michael Moore had actually done it, he as made a quasi-sequel to the mendacious, perfidious shit-show that was Bowling for Columbine.

This time he’s calling it Fahrenheit 11/9 because only an insane person would equate the election of a president to the worst terrorist attack in US history.

The Parkland kids are center stage in it.

David Hogg, Parkland students featured in new Michael Moore documentary ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’

Wow.  If the trailer is that bad, I can only imagine how bad the movie will be.

Being featured in it is only going to inflate Hogg’s ego to even bigger and more ignorant proportions.  Of course nobody in the BSO is going to catch flack, but this will be a redo of Bowling for Columbine.

The rest of the movie looks like shit too.

Antifa is smashing everything, the Left have turned the cities they run unchecked into open air sewers filled with overdosing homeless and war zones, but he’s got to show a neo-Nazi rally like those are an every day occurrence.

Venezuela is suffering inflation like Wiemar Germany and people are eating roadkill.  The welfare state of Europe is collapsing, Greece went bankrupt.  US unemployment is bottoming out.  But Ocasio-Cortez is his hero.

Entrenched bureaucrats in Flint and Detroit, as well as at the state level mishandled everything about Flint’s municipal water source, but the Republican governor is at fault because blaming local Democrats is not possible (call this the Sheriff Israel effect:  whenever democrats bumble-fuck something, it’s always the fault of the highest ranked Republican).

The Parkland kids are never going to go away after this.  Hogg and his sister said that they are not doing this for the money, but you can bet your sweet patootie that they are.  They are from the generation where you get fame and fortune wherever you can.  If you can get a TV show from your Twitter feed or a YouTube video you do it, because content is less important than fame.  Ignorant, self-righteous, anger and victim status is enough for him to be famous and so he’s going to do it.  They are the Kardashians of gun control.

If Michael Moore can still make movies that go in theaters, no matter how provably wrong he is, his featuring of these kids will be enough for them to carry this on for ever.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Bowling for Columbine 2”
    1. Has he EVER been relevant? His mockumentaries have been riddled with lies and ‘creative’ editing from the very start. Unfortunately he has acquired quite a following of low info types who will believe any and every thing that they are spoon fed.

  1. “call this the Sheriff Israel effect: whenever democrats bumble-fuck something, it’s always the fault of the highest ranked Republican”

    This is the Katrina effect — mayor and governor screwed up their response, lost control of the situation, but both were Democrats so it must be Bush’s fault.

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