Brace for HR8

Florida Representative Ted Douche Deutch is dropping House Resolution 8 today, calling for universal background checks on all guns sales in the US.

He’s been hyping this on Twitter with the hashtag #HR8.

The more he tries to sell this bill, the more clear it becomes that it’s not going to prevent anything.

In every one of the above shootings, with the exceptions of Santa Fe and Sandy Hook, the shooter passed a background check because of failure of the system.

The shooter at Sutherland Springs didn’t have his conviction reported to NICS by the Air Force.

Nikolas Cruz was never charged by the BSO or convicted and made a prohibited person.

The Santa Fe and Sandy Hook shooter stole their guns.

Not one of the listed mass shootings did a shooter buy a gun in a private sale that did not go through a background check.

The bill is being dropped today because it is the 8th year anniversary of the Gabby Giffords shooting, another shooting in which the shooter passed a background check because he was not a prohibited person.

David Hogg has come out of hiding to stump for this bill in the least helpful way possible.

Parkland Survivors David Hogg and Jaclyn Corin: It’s Time Republican Cowards Ditched NRA Cash and Voted For Gun Checks
By: David Hogg and Jaclyn Corin

Ninety-seven percent. That’s the overwhelming percentage of Americans who are in favor of universal background checks. No issue in American politics is more universally agreed upon than this.

That statistic seems a lot like the “consensus on man made climate change,” i.e., totally made up by the media.

The truth of the matter is that members of Congress have spent decades being more concerned with their individual political futures than preventing gun fatalities. Most past presidents, too, have paid little more than lip service to families reeling from the loss of their children and loved ones.

Today, a new bill will be introduced that offers a glimmer of hope after a year marked by unspeakable tragedy. The universal background bill, sponsored by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Rep. Peter King (R-NY), will close loopholes like the one for online gun sales and the gun show loophole, which have made it easy for just about anyone to buy a gun.

The online loophole and gun show loophole that don’t exist and have been turned into legends by the media.  I’ve been hearing about these loopholes for a long as I can remember.

When our school was shot up, we became one of those statistics from the last eight years. We were the evening news headline. We were those kids running out of our school with SWAT teams armed as if they were going into battle. Seventeen of our classmates and teachers didn’t make it back that day.

I guess David Hogg never read the Parkland Commission Report, because it had nothing to do with Congress and everything to do with the absolute failure of every adult in and around the school that day, with the exception of the Coral Springs PD.

State and federal lawmakers figured out how to mandate that people have insurance when they drive a vehicle. They’ve regulated and made our water safe to drink (for the most part). And they most certainly require us to go to school. So then, what is it about a universal background check—a check that will save lives—that has our politicians so afraid?

Three words: National. Rifle. Association.

The NRA is more powerful than the Jews, the Illuminati, and the Reptilians put together.

Our politicians—particularly those on the right—have been in the pocket of the NRA, and too many of them have put profits ahead of people. And the result of their intransigence is borne out in the lives that we can’t get back.

I’m calling this the NRA blood libel.  “Politicians want NRA money more than they want to save kids.”  That’s a blood libel. That’s all it is.

We’ve met hundreds of people who will never get to see their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, or girlfriends ever again—their lives stolen by a bullet. Thousands of lives taken by gun violence could have been saved if this bill became law long ago, since a majority of guns (purchased for criminal purpose) are bought through the private sector and not monitored by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System.


Most guns used by criminals are purchased from other criminals.  They are stolen or the results of straw purchases.

Gun shows and internet sales like Armslist are a negligible source of guns in crime.  Most law abiding citizens don’t want to sell a gun to a criminal.

The idea that some drug dealer will have his background check run by the guy who is selling him a straw purchased gun in a back alley in Chicago is bullshit.

Our plan is to fight in the only way we know how: to organize young people. Today, we will be in Washington to hear what the politicians have to say. We will demand that the Senate take up the bill and that both the House and Senate send legislation to the president’s desk for him to sign. In 2020, 22 Republican Senators are up for reelection. All, except one, have never voted to take a stand against gun violence, something that more than 79 percent of Republicans support.

This part is important, we gun owners need to step it up to make sure our voices are louder than these shitty kids’.

Today’s universal background check bill is the right step, a step that will help save lives. We urge Republican Senators up for reelection, including Mitch McConnell, to listen to the majority of Americans who support a universal background check and recognize that NRA donations will not protect them from the millions of voters who strongly support keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

No it won’t, it will to shit to prevent real crime but will turn otherwise law abiding gun owners into criminals without their even realizing it.

This is another bill that is going to punish law abiding gun owners for the abject failure of government.

When the bill drops I will look into it in greater details and see just how bad it is, but from the opinions and lies so far, it is going to be a disaster.

3 Replies to “Brace for HR8”

  1. One thing to look for is if it contains a “do not proceed until the background check is fully approved.” A malicious Democrat administration (BIRM) could stop all guns sales by turning off the background check system. I can already imagine the excuses, system upgrade gone bad, loss of funding, phony lawsuits, and simply, “I don’t want to, go ahead and sue me, it will take three years for you to maybe win.”

    In the mean time, how many gun shops will go out of business, and sporting good stores drop selling guns? How many manufacturers would lose money as their sales tank?

    1. Bitch all you want about the Brady Bill, but the foresight to include a proceeed after three days waiver was critical. Sometimes You can preserve your forces if you can negotiate a retreat.

      I have no doubts that Presidents Clinton or Obama would have gamed the background check system to hurt gun owners and more importantly the gun industry. The next Democrat President will be openly, blatantly, trying to ban guns.

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