Maryland is dealing with an “exponential increase” in applications for wear and carry gun permits, according to State Police.

In fact, there’s been such a surge, Maryland’s online licensing portal is having trouble keeping up.

A spokesperson said Friday that the MSP online licensing system is restricted to 10,000 outgoing emails per rolling 24-hour period. As a result of the massive increase in applications, they’ve gone over the limit for two straight days, preventing automated email communication with applicants.

The demand is high.

The permitting process is as strict as Illinois’ with 16 hours of training required.

But it seems that at least 20,000 Marylanders are willing to go through it to get permits.

It’s going to be amazing how Bruen will affect states.

Currently there are over 21 million issued carry permit in the US.

We might see easily a 20% to 30% increase in that number as may issue states go shall issue.

I’ll laugh if California beats Florida for total number of permits issued.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Bruren broke Maryland’s email system”
  1. This coming week’s story: “Maryland State Police Overwhelmed by License Applications.”
    Soon to be followed by “MSP Halts New License Processing as Budget Is Exhausted.”

    It is called pent up demand.
    The Freddie Gray Riots and De-Policing in Baltimore are only fueling more demand. Normal people see what is happening with the rampant favoritism to the Pro-Abortion Protests. Normal People know and dread their blue states and blue cities may be one Freddie Gray, George Floyd, or Rashard Brooks away from full scale riot, looting, and arson.

    The media love these stories, and the Democrat Politicians will be slow to react, if they even react at all. Remember Kenosha had 3 nights of arson, looting, and riots, and nothing changed in those three nights until protesters tried to kill Kyle Rittenhouse. Minneapolis-Saint Paul was looted and burnt for 4 nights (Tues-Wed-Thurs-Friday) until Governor Ballless Walz finally called out the MN National Guard, Highway Patrol, and even all the freaking Game Wardens and Prison Cops on Saturday Morning.

  2. Well, that certainly is a novel excuse for not issuing licenses! “We can’t issue the license because the IT department doesn’t allow us to send more emails”.
    Good luck with that little scam.

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