I am so angry I cannot see straight.

The emotional distress put on innocent people, especially children, with the lockdowns is a crime against humanity.

If we were a serous country, everyone who argued for lockdowns after the first 15 days to slow the spread should be put to the wall.

A nation of cowardly adults who could work from home and scared of a bad case of the flu utterly destroyed a generation of children.

In a just world they should pay the price for that.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Build more wall”
  1. Earlier this week, the Foundation for Economic Education posted a story that the average life expectancy in the US dropped more in 202 than it has in decades.

    But the reason wasn’t Covid deaths. It was stuff like this: suicides being up, people dying at home from heart attacks or strokes because of their fear of going to a hospital where they could get Kung Flu or because of not getting their cancers diagnosed in time. Add in people not getting or delaying treatment for other diseases.

    All of these come from the lockdowns. Story here.

  2. How many addicts in recovery relapsed during these lockdowns? How many elderly people died because they refused to go to the doctor for routine items because of the fear mongering? How many grandparents just gave up on life, because they could not hug their grandkids?

    The real toll of this panicdemic is every life destroyed because of the lockdowns and restrictions.

  3. Think you’re mad now? Wait until President Potato and the rest of the insane tyrants like Fauci insist that masks return for everyone and start demanding lockdowns again, and despot left wing governors refuse to allow children to return to school maskless this September. You can see the putrid news media eagerly cheering this on, the bunch of nihilistic, slimy bastards they are. I really, really hope I’m wrong about this. And just so you know, I share every bit of your anger. Between what has been done to our nation’s youth, to what has been done to business owners, I feel a white-hot fury.

    1. In MA, the somewhat-R governor has said “no masks in schools” and the far-left mayor of Boston is saying “we’re doing masks, never mind what the governor says”.

      Every evening during the news, I mutter under my breath “is there a scientist in the house?”

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