Almost half of San Francisco residents plan to leave within a few years, S.F. Chamber poll finds


This, of course:

The people of San Francisco should be walled in and forced to live under the conditions they voted for forever, no repreieve.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Build the wall around the Bay Area”
  1. I’m honestly surprised the thieves bothered to run.

    Store employees and store security guards aren’t allowed to do anything to stop them (and certainly don’t get paid enough to risk injury or their jobs). SFPD isn’t going to respond fast enough to stop them and any investigation by the SFPD will result in the DA tossing out the case.

    Just walk.

  2. The problem with leftists is they have to ruin it for everyone before they learn their lesson.

    I agree with the wall idea. Make them live with it, maybe not forever, but long enough that they learn the lesson of electing leftist.

    1. Who says they’ll learn?

      My old roommate believes everything is the fault of republicans. Never mind we both live in a blue state, in a city that has been controlled by democrats for oh, 75 years.

      If they could learn cause / effect, they wouldn’t be leftists

  3. The problem is that leftists vote thos stuff in, ruin it, then move elsewhere and do it again at the new place.

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