Bump Fire Device Ban in Florida.

It has been one week since the Bump Fire ban officially came to  be.  Does anybody know of people turning in or destroying devices in Florida or are we just to assume that as it has happened everywhere, they law is being ignored?


8 Replies to “Bump Fire Device Ban in Florida.”

  1. Have yet to see any of the local progtard newsies go gaa-gaa, so yuge fail?

    At least until the cheetohead & NRA finish their plan to ban it nationally. 😉

  2. They banned them so they are gone. They sublimated into nothingness by the power of government. A bill was signed into law, the date of enforcement came and went, and all the bump stocks evaporated into the aether.

    Didn’t you know that’s how government bans work?

  3. Rather than get a bump fire or complain you can’t get one, get a Franklin Armory Binary trigger or similar. A very accurate 2 round burst (versus 3 round that needs a tax stamp).

    1. Except there was, when I checked, a notice on Brownell’s (and a couple of other sites) saying the binary triggers cannot be shipped to Florida.

    2. How come 2 is ok but 3 needs a stamp (that means it’s NFA, right?) Can you point to law or regulation that explains this? Or is that just a claim from the manufacturer?

      1. Because a binary trigger fires one shot per action of the trigger. Pulling the trigger is one action, releasing it is a second action.

        Florida and other states have banned binary triggers. This is why so many gun owners are pissed off at Rick Scott.

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