Don’t tell me that Kamala’s husband is Jewish or Biden has a lot of Jews on his cabinet, he doesn’t.

Those are all Leftist Progressives with Jewish sounding last names.  They are as Jewish as a Sara Lee bagel.

Bagel bolshiveks.

Kosher commies.


They all, all of Biden’s people and the Left 8n general,, hate actual, proud, non-self-hating Jews.  Aka, Israel.

Any chance they have to undermine Israel, they’ll take it.

Of course he did.

I hope my fellow Jews enjoy Biden’s nice Tweets  because this country gave up a President with practicing Jewish grandchildren who secured meaningful peace between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors for a President who has one of his stand-ins subvert Israeli security.

Every Jew who who voted for Biden has the blood of Israelis who die from Syrian sponsored terrorism on their hands because they wanted nice Tweets.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Bunch of f**king Jew haters, all of them”
  1. “Jew” is becoming (already has become??) an identity, to replace a religious observance. I’m sure that 80%+ of my small congregation voted for the candidate with dementia over the one with orange hair that _actually_ made peace inroads in the Middle East. F-ers!

    Oh, J, as a bit of follow up on my synagogue, I am now officially only welcome if I do not carry my handgun–even concealed. It is just too upsetting for about 1/3 of the congregation. A uniformed police detail is OK, but not me. How lovely. Of course, I had suggested back in 2018 that, if they really believed that the building should be gun-free, signage should be posted. You can guess how that went.

    Most modern Jews have learned nothing from the history of the Jewish people.

    1. Not to be (too much) of a dick, but “A uniformed police detail is OK, but not me.” sounds kinda like “We would rather have the Gestapo guarding us than one of our own,” especially if you live in NYC.

      Note I’m not Jewish, but I am a student of history, and I posses critical thinking skills as well as a well developed sense of sarcasm.

      1. @Nuke Road Warrior: See my reply to CBMTTek.

        The typical response that I get when I reference history is: That wouldn’t happen here. Uh, huh. Let’s go with that.

        I do enjoy, and employ, good sarcasm. 8>)

    2. You should print out copies of “Jew without a Gun” for every member. Then again, that probably wouldn’t help. Or hand out copies of “The Mitzvah” (Zelman & Smith).

      1. @pkoning: My Christian wife wrote a 6 page letter to the board, which included stories of shooting at undefended houses of worship and at defended houses. Too many just don’t care.

        “The Mitzvah” would be good…for people willing to read!

  2. Rick:
    Does your congregation support the Black Lives Matter movement as well? Sounds like they would, but that would also mean that cops are nothing but racist murderers.

    Then again, if they are on the left, mental gymnastics of that caliber are not unusual. What was said three words ago has not bearing on what is being said right now.

    1. @CBMTTek: I’m sure that many of them do. Facts!?! Facts!?! They don’t need no facts!

      I think that part of the cop is OK line is like the Shabbos Goiye (Sabbath non-Jew in Yiddish). The person who would do things (like turning on lights) that Jews aren’t supposed to do.

      I was once teased in a good-natured manner for owning a gas chain saw. He said that a Jew could own a small electric one, but not a gas one. A Jew should hire someone for the bigger tasks. 8>)

  3. To be fair: It is vague and given the context I would think that Kerry did not tell them secrets but that it was stuff the Iranians knew about und Kerry knew the Iranians knew – but the foreign minister knew nothing about because he was kept out of the loop, which is the main point of the article.

    That said, from what I gathered Kerry seems to be a grade 1 asshole and I would not think it’S unlikely he leaked secret operations. I just think that THIS is not it.

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