I have no love for Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

He’s a less inspiring than a pair of Old Navy khakis and a beige, third-generation Ford Taurus.

A friend of mine sent me this meme, and I love it:

But last night, Mayor Pete reached deep down into his Macy’s boyswear suit pants and found a pair, and fired a shot across Elisabeth Warren’s bow that actually made me giggle.


I am reminded of back in July when Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard snuck up behind Kamala Harris and slit her throat like a fucking mob boss.  From that moment on Harris hemorrhaged support and finally bled out and died in December.

Buttigieg isn’t wrong.  It’s hard for her to reconcile her anti-wealthy, “eat the rich,” populist/socialist rhetoric when she was the second wealthiest person on that stage, and the wealthiest of the serious candidates.

(Warren: $12 Mil, Biden: $9 Mil, Sanders: $2.5 Mil, Yang: $1 Mil)

“Rich people in smoke-filled rooms” describes the Ivy League high dollar lawyer world Warren and her husband live in.  Warren’s holiday cocktail parties with friends and neighbors have a higher average net worth than Mayor Pete’s most exclusive fundraisers.

The best part was the reaction from the audience in support of Buttigieg’s barb.

The look on Warren’s face at that moment is priceless.

I know that look.  I’ve made it myself.  It’s happened when I’ve cut myself badly on something really, really sharp (like a deli slicer) and I see the blood gushing but it hasn’t started hurting yet, and my brain goes “fuck, this is going to be really painful in a just a second, and we might need to go to the hospital.”

Warren thought that after Kamala went down, she was going to be the candidate entitled to identity politics front runner status.  I don’t think she expected the Boy Wonder to take her out to the cheers and jeers of the crowd, like spectators at the Colosseum watching the coup de grace of a gladiator.

I think from this point on, Warren is going to exsanguinate like Harris.

I still don’t want Mayor Pete to become President Pete, I’m just surprised he had this in him.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Buttigieg has a pair”
  1. This guy has to realize the only reason the Democrats are even allowing him on stage is because he’s homosexual. His experience in government, his self-perceived ability to lead, his intelligence, etc. None of that means anything to his party or its voters. All that matters is he’s gay. Deep down he’s got to feel incredibly patronized, though he’s probably not got the fortitude to ever admit that.

    1. The truth is that certain factions or segments of the population will support certain candidates with their money and their votes because they are or are perceived to be a member of the same faction.

      Gay men as a group have a lot of disposable income (Lesbians not so much) and a history of political giving. Now they have an openly gay candidate to support. Their early money allowed Mayor Pete to make a name, and grab a place on the 2020 Democrat Party stage. Their influence got him early media attention too.

      Just like Mayor Bloomberg’s money and bought and paid for supporters (Bloomberg paid Gun Controllers and paid Municipal Officials) are trying to get his late entry a place on the stage.

      Just like the millions of American Communists and Socialists are supporting Comrade Senator Bernie Sanders again, like they did in his failed 2012 battle against Felonia von Pantsuit and the Democrat National Committee.

      Just Look at the example of President Obama and the Black Voters. They gave what they could, they gave him massive and Fawning media support, and they turned out big on Election Day for him, unlike that any other candidate.

      Just like the millions of Native Americans are supporting Elizabeth Warr…. er, nevermind.

  2. That was the moment Mayor Buttigieg stopped running to be the Democratic presidential candidate and started running to be Biden’s veep choice.

    Buttigieg is the most outwardly milquetoast candidate since Gore, but he’s shrewd enough and observant enough to see the writing on the wall. He’s young, he’s reasonably popular with the younger members of the Democratic base, and although not polling highly amongst voters he’s also not hated by them either.

    If Buttigieg gets to be the veep candidate, he can “fight the good fight” against Trump, loose, and let the guy at the top of the ticket take the blame. Then run in 2024 as the favorite son.

    As a bonus, the veep debate between Mayor Buttigieg and Vice-President Pence is just has massive levels of symbolism over substance due to the Narrative.

    1. Buttigieg is not liked by Black voters. The DNC can’t run two white guys, even if one is Gay. Buttigieg is a very privileged gay man. The kind of gay man that lower income Lefties hate for being a gentrifier.

      That’s why the rumor has continued to circulate that Biden will pick Stacey Abrams. She has more woke points as a Black woman.

      1. That’s the calculation that Biden will need to make, but Buttigieg is definitely “auditioning” for the job.

        My suspicion is that the Democrats have unconsciously decided to return to their status quo of “who the hell else are they going to vote for!?” treatment of the Black vote. They truly are blind to their own weakness in that area… The few who aren’t blind to it can see how popular Trump is, but they’re too low on the DNC ladder to be listened to.

      2. Stacey Abrams, that’s great. This way after her and Senile Joe lose, she can refuse to concede a second election.

  3. That pinch-faced churchlady *blink *blink *blink that warren had while pete pulled her guts out was pretty good.

    Looks like she just realized it’s impossible to be woke enough for the left.

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