Like I said the other day, there are no original thoughts in the Democrat party.

Nobody running for President on that side of the aisle want to be out of lockstep, so they all end up taking ideas from one another.  They just repackage them in their own words, but they are all the same.

Take Buttigieg’s stance on Capitalism.  He can’t call himself a Democratic Socialist, because that’s Bernie’s shtick.  So he says the same thing that Bernie does about capitalism letting people down and calls himself a Democratic Capitalist, heavy on the Democratic.

How is Democratic Capitalism any different than Democratic Socialism?  If you let “the people” through the power of government, tell you how you can use your money, it’s still doomed to fail the way all planned economies fail, regardless of what you call it.

The only let down of modern capitalism is that the richest generation, raised in the greatest lap of luxury ever experienced by humans ever, is so spoiled that they believe that it’s unfair that they have to get a job and work, and can’t all be millionaires in their late 20’s as part time Instagram influencers and so want the goverment to take care of them.

You’ll never hear a Democrat say that.

But I digress…

Now that Beto has proven to be little more than a lackluster angsty teenage furry, trapped in a middle age white man’s body, Pete Buttigieg has become the new media darling.

Eric Swalwell had (barely) more than a dozen people show up at one of his rallies to listen to him rant about taking Americans’ guns away.

The progression of Democrat politics could mean only one thing, Buttigieg had to steal Swalwell’s idea.

I thank Lt. Buttigieg for his service, but as a fiance intelligence officer with the Navy Reserve, his weapon of war was Quickbooks.

That the Navy made him carry a stripped M4 around base for his single seven month tour in Afghanistan is neither expertise in or justification for the banning and confiscation of assault rifles.

Let me be blunt, my AR-15’s are not on the table.

Neither are those of the 50 million other Americans who own the type of semi-auto rifle that these people would classify as an assault rifle.

Appealing to your Naval service, in which you swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, as rationality to restrict the Second Amendment is both wrong and offensive.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Buttigieg is now after your guns too”
  1. One of my ARs is on the table … It’s sitting there in a cradle, waiting for me to find the time to mount a new 6-18x Vortex on it. (Yeah, overscoped for the platform … but I got a great deal on the scope and mount, and my old eyes need all the help I can give them…)

  2. I’m not judging as long as your barrel is up to the challenge of your scope.

    Some times you just want to pick out exactly which freckle on the asshole’s face you want to put the bullet through.

    1. Hey, it’s way better than the “file” footage a local TV station uses whenever they need a picture of some middle eastern terrorists shooting at the other guys — it shows someone shooting an AK-47 from the hip — and the AK-47 has a scope on it.
      Does a scope on an AK-47 make any more sense than a scope on a mini-22? 🙂

  3. As usual for DemonKKKrats, they want control of everything you do, say or think.

    “Do as I command, not as I sneakingly do.”


  4. Notice how he demands that we surrender our “assault rifles” and he served in the Navy recently and does not know that we do not have assault rifles; only semi-auto rifles. How is it that Democrats can be so ignorant on basic firearm terminology. On purpose to confuse the public or due to stupidity? Both?

    Well, I would love to have an assault rifle to put me on equal footing with jack-booted thugs of the government (e.g. the corrupt FBI, LEOs who would follow illegal confiscation orders). No, I have to settle for a plinking rifle or two due to unConstitutional restraints and infringements.

    I would say GFY Pete (but you would enjoy that too much, pervert).

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