Pete Buttigieg is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and for some reason he thinks he can use that as a spring board to the Presidency of the United States.

Like every other Democratic Presidential candidate, he has decided to jump onto the “the electoral college is bad” bandwagon.

They way he did it, however, is particularly stupid.

In his lifetime, the two elections in which the elected President lost the popular vote was George W. Bush in 2000 and Donald Trump in 2016.

In both of those elections Indiana sided with the electoral college winners, Bush and Trump.

Buttigieg lives in South Bend, one of the few Blue dots in what is usually a mostly Red state.

His desire to undermine the electoral college is a desire to undermine the electoral desires of the majority of the people in his state.

It really is something to watch a person from a flyover state to work so hard to fully subjugate flyover America to New York and California.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Buttigieg wants to undermine the Hoosier vote”
  1. And it’s in fact not a democracy at the federal level, it’s a constitutional republic.

    It’s supposed to work like this. It’s one of the protections against the tyranny of the 50%+1.

    But expecting a liberal politician to get this (or at least admitting they get it) is too much of an ask.

    1. Dem: “What? You mean I’m supposed to READ the whole Constitution? That’s so Eighteenth Century!”

  2. Someone did a parody of Jeff Foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck” jokes, with them focused on things like this. A bad parody might be:

    If your country has intricate systems designed to balance power between rural farming areas and big cities, and you think those are wrong, you might be living in a country designed by geniuses and run by morons.

  3. The Left will keep pounding this point until a Republican wins the popular vote (2020, maybe?). Then they’ll start shrieking about voter suppression and how we should allow illegal-immigrant non-citizens to vote. (Which will become a moot point if Trump succeeds in sending all illegals to “sanctuary cities” — those areas are already blue, and making them “bluer” doesn’t affect the electoral college one whit.)

    If that doesn’t work, they’ll start in on how white people should be limited in their vote (because “diversity”), or Christians should be limited in theirs (“separation of church and state”, don’t ya know?). If all else fails, they can always encourage “Anti-fa” to loiter around polling places.

    They grasp at whatever tool they think they can use to win and they think Joe Public might support (or at least not oppose). The SECOND their opponents win with them, the talking points change.

    It’s not now and has never been about what We the People want OR what’s best for the nation. It’s always about the Left winning (or losing), and we know that as soon as they win big enough, they’ll take the ball and go home. No more games, no more chances.

    Every proposed rule change is designed and intended for one purpose: to make it easier for the Left to steamroll the rest of us.

    Every. Single. One.

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