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7 thoughts on “By the way, How’s Disney doing?”
  1. The woke Disney upper management has been curiously quiet about the latest Roe vs. Wade brouhaha. Learned their lesson? Doubtful.

  2. Friend of mine knows several folks that work for Disney parks. Their take? It is a small minority of loudmouths that are driving Disney into the woke ditch.
    Maybe the management will learn to take the pulse of the whole company, not just the loudmouths before making public statements. Then again… maybe not.

    1. That would be one option. The better option is just to be quiet. Companies should speak up on issues that directly affect the business, and STFU on all other issues.

  3. Small point of correction. Disney hasn’t lost $26B. The stockholders have.
    The market always provides a snapshot of the perceived value of public companies. In this case, the market has been saying the perceived value of Disney has been going down. Given how much of that value is tied up with brand association, reputation, et cetera, this should not be surprising.
    But, with certain caveats, the stock price going down (up) doesn’t hurt (help) a company, other than to the extent it owns shares in itself.

  4. A) Yes, they’ve lost $26B…of share value. And btw, yes, that’s shareholders, but FTR, how do you think a substantial amount of upper executive compensation is delivered…?? So yeah, their top staff is also taking it in the pants.

    B) More to the point, their share value has dropped 44% in the last year. Losing nearly half your market cap in less than a year is how some CEOs get to be ex-CEOs, in a big hurry.
    We live in hope.
    But the message – how fittingly!! – is being pounded home, right up Disney’s corporate tailpipe. Sans lube.

    c) Note to WDCorp: The customer is never wrong.

  5. The question each of us needs answering is ‘how much of my money is invested there’. Savings, pension and so forth. Problem is it’s actually hard (expensive) to own shares directly and therefore have the ability to sack the CEO, and fund managers / share dealing platforms just move money around rather than turning up to the AGMs of the businesses they invest in.

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