To recap.  California’s 25th Congressional district had been a moderately Republican district.  Voting for Republican governors until the election of Gavin Newsom.  The district was represented by two Republican Congressmen going back to 1993.

Katie Hill was elected to represent CA25, flipping it Democrat away from Republican Steve Knight.

Hill was a Progressive darling.  Much like the Squad but less abrasive, she was being groomed by Speaker Pelosi for great things.

Then it came out that she had engaged in sexual relationships with paid subordinates in direct violation of the House rules and ethics.

Pelosi had no choice but to start an ethics investigation, prompting Hill to resign. The suddenness of her resignation suggested that she had even worse skeletons on her closet that an investigation would uncover.

Her resignation also allowed her to claim victim status, saying that she was driven out with revenge porn – or as Conservatives called it “corroborating evidence” – and misogyny.

That seat is now empty.

If you thought that this is where the drama of CA25 ended, boy were you wrong.  We are entering the second act of this shiy show.

After about a week away from the spotlight, Hill decided she’d come back into public life:

Cenk Uygur, the leader of The Young Turks, the Progressive news site has filed to run for Congress in CA25.

Uygur is a vile piece of human garbage.  He is an antisemitic, anti-Israel, radical socialist Progressive, who denies the Armenian Genocide and actually named his media outlet after the Turkish party that committed the Armenian Genocide.

So… he’ll fit right in with the Squad.

The problem with Uygur isn’t that he’s a genocide denying, Jew-hating, socialist – those are all positives for him.  The problem is that he has a twig and berries and identifies as such.

Christy Smith is a California assemblywoman who wants to level up to CA25 Congresswoman.  She decreed that a man running for CA25, which is his Constitutional right as a US citizen over the age of 25, is manspreading into her district.

Like that is her Congressional seat already.

Katie Hill decided to back up Smith.

That’s a women’s seat.  No men need apply.  Once a woman won it, it can never be represented by a Congressman ever again.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to not vote for Cenk Uygur. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to throw Cenk Uygur out of a helicopter into the Pacific Ocean.  None of them have to do with his gender.

Brown Muslim Progressive vs. White Woman Progressive is going to be a hell of a fight to watch.

They don’t dare diverge on policy from the Progressive orthodoxy so identity politics is going to be their  battleground.

Perhaps a fire burning the district to nothing but ash is the best thing for it.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “CA25 Congressional hell to get worse”
  1. I like the notion that you should live in the district to represent it. That notion would get rid of Maxine Waters, who represents a low income district but lives in some fancy place like Beverly Hills. (If you’re sufficiently dishonest, you can get rich off being a Congressman!)

    1. (If you’re sufficiently dishonest, you Your Banker Husband can get rich off you being a Congressman. Especially when you are the Chairwoman of the committee overseeing banks).

      The Swamp is even found in the Hollywood Hills. No wonder why the Democrats (and the swampy Republicans) are amazed they have not found anything on President Trump.

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