Just about anybody who has been following the news of the refugee situation has probably heard of the “Crisis in Calais.”  As I understand it, the terminal for the French side of the Eurotunnel, that connects the UK to France, is just outside Calais.  Nearby is a tent city refugee camp.  Many refugees want to make it from mainland Europe through France to the UK, because the UK has the best social welfare system for refugees.  Much of the news I’ve seen has been sympathetic to the refugees.  Vice went all out with a video that was more tear-jerkingly sympathetic than the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials.

Then I saw the video below.  It is 15 minutes long.  It is profane.  It is the dashcam of a Hungarian truck driver trying to make it through Calais to the Eurotunnel cargo loading dock.  This is what the refugee crisis in Europe looks like up close without media spin.

I am amazed that it only has 322 views (as of this posting).  It it eye opening.  Hundreds of refugees walking in the middle of the road, throwing rocks at trucks, trying to hop on and ride them.  The driver claims the refugees slash the truck canvas.  The entire time, I saw maybe a dozen French police.  This situation was entirely out of hand.  The closest thing I’ve ever seen to this was video from Israel when Palestinians would gather in the streets to throw rocks at passing cars (note the rock throwing trend).

I’ve written in the past about Europeans buying guns because of the refugee crisis.  Watching that video, I know that sooner or later some of those truckers are going to start packing heat.  I know that if my daily commute had me run a gauntlet where people tried to get into my vehicle and slash it if they couldn’t, I’d be driving with a pistol under my leg – legal or not.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, self defense laws in Europe don’t exist.  Whatever.  All it is going to take is for a some refugees near Calais to pull a couple of Reginald Dennys on some Eastern European truck drivers.  The next time they try to do it to a truck from the Czech Republic, the Refugees will be facing down the business end of a CZ-75.  Handguns will pour out of the countries where it will be easier to obtain them.

The French police, for all the success they’ve had in raiding terrorist cells following the the Paris Shootings earlier this month, are hopelessly incapable of stopping this type of uncivil activity.  It’s a matter of numbers, there are just too many refugees and too few police.  The French police acknowledge that an uprising in one of the refugee camps will be “pandemonium.”  They’ve practically lost control of the camps already.

This is what Europe is facing first hand, and it’s bad.  I fear it will only get worse.  Just wait until these hop-ons turn to stabbings.  The Israelis and French Jews known what I mean.



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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Calais First Hand”
  1. What an astonishing video manipulation job, to make all those widows and orphans look exactly like healthy, arrogant, lawless young men. [/snark]

  2. “It’s a matter of numbers, there are just too many refugees and too few police”.

    I believe if they used their nightsticks for their intended purpose they’d get the message.

    1. Meh. At some point you have to admit they’re invaders and act accordingly. The classic concepts of an outlaw and brigands certainly seem to apply — they’re acting as if no laws apply to them, so give them what they want and remove them from the protection of the laws.

  3. I feared for the driver when he stopped and got out of his truck. You could see the invaders noticing he was stopped start running towards his truck. And not a woman or child in sight.

  4. I can’t speak for Europe in general but in Germany there have been stabbings for years.
    Never as “organized” as in Israel but nevertheless fueled by racism.
    Victims are not only “native” germans but everyone who is perceived as a “Kartoffel” oder “Christenschwein” (potato and christian pig) – eastern europeans or asians (“chinese” asian not “middle east” asian), and of course jews, have also been targeted with clear racist or nationalist motives – by moslems, not neonazis.

    It’s considered racist for the news to cover these attacks, so most of them never get noticed.

    So be careful if you think nationalism is rising in Europe – it’s more often than not just skewed media coverage of isolated events. Ther won’t be another Hitler in germany and / or Europe anytime soon, but there will be blood.

    1. It’s considered racist for the news to cover these attacks, so most of them never get noticed.

      I had the same thing told by relatives and friends in Spain.

        1. In Germany violence against jews is only noteworthy when the attackers are neonazis.
          As soon as the attacker is a muslim, noone (read: politicians and most print media) cares.

          It’s actually pretty funny: last year there was a local series of arson against mosques (nothing serious: a burning thrash can near a mosque for example) and everyone (see above) wennt crazy accusing neonazis. When the suspect got caught and turned out to be a turkish muslim – noone said a thing. Everyone just went silent.
          Same thing happened after synagoges got targeted.

          They are living in their own simple world.

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