New York City in Three Tweets:

Thomas Jefferson is out and George Floyd is in.

The heroes of the old culture being replaced by the heroes of the new culture.

Between the author of the Declaration of Independence and a recidivist criminal who ODed while under arrest, I choose the former.

Those of us who do choose the former need to separate from those who chose the latter, before those who choose the latter force us to comply the way they did in China.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Can we have our divorce before the Cultural Revolution comes to Red states”
  1. Is there any possible way those of us who revere these patriotic Americans can get these statues being discarded? I would love one of these beauties.

    1. The report has it that “it’s going to a museum”. Too bad, I’d pay a fair chunk of money to have that in my front yard.

      1. I’m thinking conservatives should get into the statue toppling game. At least we’ll take them home and cherish them.

  2. Why do you think they would willingly let us separate?

    Remember, the Left is all about exerting their will on people, and when those people do not want to comply, it’s all the more delicious to the Left when they’re forced.

  3. About twenty people tore down the Christopher Columbus at the MN State Capitol while the State Highway Patrol watched and did nothing. After months of complaints they finally charged the leader of the vandals. They even charged him with a felony! He got 100 hours of community service.

  4. Hey, remember back when Trump said in 2017 that the destruction of statues wouldn’t stop with just Confederates? And everyone said he was crazy?

    Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  5. Honoring George Floyd?


    Name one single thing that George Floyd did in his entire life that was honorable in any way? One thing?

    I bet if you asked his family to name a single thing he did that was worthy of remembrance, they would have a tough time naming one. In fact, would they give back the $27,000,000 Minneapolis paid them to get him back? Would they surrender $27 to get George back alive?

    John Lewis and Breonna Taylor, maybe worth a statue to honor, but Floyd? Aside from dying, what did he do?

  6. Absolutely wrong and unacceptable! Like you stated, one was a co-author and hero of American Independence and the other was a convicted Felon who killed himself while committing a crime. What’s next, Geo. Washington? He also owned some slaves as well. We MUST take this Country back and get rid of these anti-Americans that are destroying our nation!

    1. Absolutely George Washington is next. Also Abraham Lincoln; SF has already been talking about canceling him. I guess he’s guilty of not being sufficiently radical.

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