Car Burglaries: I told you so, but please, keep ignoring it.

Remember my post about car burglaries? I hate to be right.

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. – People living in Cherokee County neighborhoods are worried about a rash of gun thefts.

According to deputies, suspected gang members roaming the streets have gotten into at least 70 cars and trucks and stolen more than a dozen guns in three different neighborhoods.

The thieves aren’t using any fancy tools to break into the cars. In most cases, they are flipping the door handle. If the car is unlocked, they jump in.

Thieves break into 70 cars, steal guns across three neighborhoods

And at the risk once again to piss people off, it is the fault of the dumbasses gun owners who left the guns inside an unlocked car parked at home!

Maybe we have not been clear on the concept of the car gun: It is supposed to be in the car when you are NOT home and you need a back up, preferably in the rifle/carbine-flavor. But why in the name of Cochise’s loincloth are doing leaving your primary gun in the unlocked car parked in front of your house?   Why aren’t you carrying the damned thing?

This is the kind of stupid behavior that the Opposition will use against us and legislators will love to place another set of Gun Control Laws on the menu, courtesy of Gun Owner’s careless attitude.  And we are going to have to fight them, spending limited resources because a bunch of dumbasses with guns cannot exercise a modicum of responsibility and effort to make sure the gun travels a few feet from the driveway to the inside of the home.

Hat Tip Rob R.

3 Replies to “Car Burglaries: I told you so, but please, keep ignoring it.”

  1. Bitch didn’t want raped, she shouldn’t have worn that dress.

    Same logic, but somehow different?

    We also love to catalog all the laws broken before the shooter fires the first shot, but we’re going to ignore the raft of laws broken, beginning with criminal trespass, so that we might righteously blame the gun owner?

    It’s being inconsistent about this stuff that makes me angry, not your assigning the blame wrong. Either blame the criminals or the victims. Pick one and stick to it.

    1. By the same logic, why do you bother to lock your doors and windows? Make sure nobody steals your wallet? Makes sure your credit card charges are yours and not somebody else’s?
      Why mind the fire if you are burning crap in your backyard?
      Why carry a pistol?
      Because safety is your responsibility, first and last. And that includes not arming the enemy of society because you are too fucking lazy to move your gun a dozen steps to the house.

      And as for the Rape analogy, sorry to say you sound like the stupid women that it is their right not to have two cents worth of common sense and avoid danger as much as possible.
      And please, take it personal, I don’t care. Just don’t leave the fucking gun inside the unlocked car in front of your house.

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